On miracles and mothers

A miracle is an authentic switch from fear to love. When we speak from the ego, we will call up the ego in others. When we speak from Holy Spirit, we will call up their love. In 1967, my whole family fell apart. Mommy, Daddy, baby sister and I all ended up at separate addresses.Continue reading “On miracles and mothers”

Getting my beliefs challenged II

I am going down yet another rabbit hole. It diverges from the one I was falling down about a year and a half ago. At least somewhat. All roads lead to Rome, but not all are main highways and will get you to your final destination; they do move you forward, though. My new rabbitContinue reading “Getting my beliefs challenged II”

A week later

Yesterday all flags were flown at half-mast in Norway, in honor of all those who lost their lives Friday July 22 2011. I offer my own condolences to all those who have lost loved ones, and to Norway itself. It’s been an intense week. I have learned that those of us who actually turned offContinue reading “A week later”

I love you. Thank you.

Some time last month, I was listening to a new spiritual podcast, and the speaker said that we can all heal ourselves and each other by stating, “I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.” Apparently, this series of four short statements healed all the patients of a psychiatric facility, simply by beingContinue reading “I love you. Thank you.”

The next half

New Year’s Eve. The day when people are either scrambling to get food and champagne for the evening’s festivities or are contemplating what resolutions to make for the coming year – or both. For me, 2011 is the start of the next half century of my life. I was 50 in December. It was actuallyContinue reading “The next half”

I want you to know them

It is perfect weather out today. After two days of a hard north wind, the air is calm, but the sky is still clear, and the sun still warms. It is the perfect walking weather. And because it is 2010, I walked to my grandparents’ grave. The Norwegian custom is to bury the dead, primarily,Continue reading “I want you to know them”

Getting my beliefs challenged

I own the extended DVD set of “What the #$*! Do We (K)now!?”, also known as “Down the Rabbit Hole”. I can’t remember now how my browsing the internet today started, but I ended up learning a lot about the science in “What the Bleep”: It’s terribly inaccurate. There are other inaccuracies or downright errors,Continue reading “Getting my beliefs challenged”

Prayer found in Chester Cathedral (1770)

Give me a good digestion, Lord,and also something to digest.Give me a healthy body, Lord,with sense to keep it at its best. Give me a healthy mind, good Lord,to keep the good and pure in sight,which seeing sin, is not appalled,but finds a way to set it right. Give me a mind that is notContinue reading “Prayer found in Chester Cathedral (1770)”

This is good

So there I was, waiting for the bus home, feeling sluggish because of an exhaustive round at my acupuncturist’s. I leaned against the side of the bus shed, reading the latest issue of “Science of Mind Magazine”, idly paging through the daily affirmations. I started reading the accompanying text for today’s: Sometimes it’s easy toContinue reading “This is good”