Back to the beginning

I tripped over a book on using yogic mantras to help with anxiety and depression. So I said OM a lot this morning, and maybe that’s exactly what I needed to get going again (as well as three days of rest and downtime). I once upon a time, back in California, meditated and chanted OM,Continue reading “Back to the beginning”

Lyrical challenge Day 3 of 3

The final day of being lyrically challenged (in more ways than one), thanks to one of my inspirations for blogging, Paula at Light Motifs. If you’re feeling inspired, please do your own challenge and let me know about it! And now for the third song with lyrics I not only paid attention to, but alsoContinue reading “Lyrical challenge Day 3 of 3”

The Norwegian war on Christmas

I hear Americans go on about a war on Christmas because someone says “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”. Bizarrely, Norway seems to be showing up the Americans on how to actually wage a war on Christmas. There are some true and some fake stories about a war on Christmas here in Norway. From aContinue reading “The Norwegian war on Christmas”

That Easter thingy

A struggling friend reminded me of a situation I was in the autumn after my dear grandma died. Re-reading that gave me a surprise: I’d forgotten how down I was then. I remember crying during the meeting with my bosses, but I don’t remember taking sick days and waking up angry every day. But yes,Continue reading “That Easter thingy”

The ho’oponopono adventure continues

Ever since I discovered the ho’oponopono practice of forgiveness and healing about 3 years ago, I have used it, pursued it, and experienced healings big and small. I have taught it to a few friends. To my delight, they have embraced it and discovered for themselves the instant peace that comes with cleaning (as usingContinue reading “The ho’oponopono adventure continues”

New Year’s Resolutions for 2014

There are two things I need to do, simply because they are important to overall health and sanity. Sit less at computer. Daily spiritual practice of some kind. This computer—and the internet—are way too distracting. WAY too distracting. Hours can pass by and all I’ve done is look at stranger’s pictures, and stranger’s comments, andContinue reading “New Year’s Resolutions for 2014”

So while I’ve been gone…

Interests keep changing. Or rather, focus does. I obviously still enjoy taking photographs, because I kept my camera busy during my vacation. But even photography requires inspiration—and weather that won’t ruin a camera. And so I let Wordless Wednesdays slide. I stopped forcing myself and let my blog rest, too. The nice thing about longContinue reading “So while I’ve been gone…”

Leaving 2012

It’s New Year’s Eve 2012. I’m in jeans and a wool sweater, not in my high heels and sparkly top. My plans for a productive day and a party for one have been sidetracked. I feel lazy and low-key. And thoughtful. My neighbors are not being low-key; they’ve been shooting fireworks sporadically all evening. IContinue reading “Leaving 2012”