At the root: Fractals

Once physical disease is ruled out, it is time to consider the root cause of most mental depression: a lack of love and connection in life (not a lack of serotonin). Source: Wikipedia Commons Via Paula’s blog comes the idea of grabbing some book, going to page 62 and line 6 on that page toContinue reading “At the root: Fractals”

Cold radiation

“Luminescence is emission of light by a substance not resulting from heat; it is thus a form of cold-body radiation.” Wikipedia’s definition of luminescence immediately put me in mind of a literal cold-body radiation. I still don’t quite understand it. It happened when my then-boyfriend attended church with me. “Church” was not really church theContinue reading “Cold radiation”

That Easter thingy

A struggling friend reminded me of a situation I was in the autumn after my dear grandma died. Re-reading that gave me a surprise: I’d forgotten how down I was then. I remember crying during the meeting with my bosses, but I don’t remember taking sick days and waking up angry every day. But yes,Continue reading “That Easter thingy”

Astrology, the story-teller

OK, I knew my last post would not appeal to everyone, but as I said in a comment to a comment, I take my wisdom wherever I can find it. Which happens to include astrology. Because of my family’s interests, I grew up in a home that not only had huge picture books showing the treasuresContinue reading “Astrology, the story-teller”

Getting my beliefs challenged II

I am going down yet another rabbit hole. It diverges from the one I was falling down about a year and a half ago. At least somewhat. All roads lead to Rome, but not all are main highways and will get you to your final destination; they do move you forward, though. My new rabbitContinue reading “Getting my beliefs challenged II”

I love you. Thank you.

Some time last month, I was listening to a new spiritual podcast, and the speaker said that we can all heal ourselves and each other by stating, “I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.” Apparently, this series of four short statements healed all the patients of a psychiatric facility, simply by beingContinue reading “I love you. Thank you.”

Getting my beliefs challenged

I own the extended DVD set of “What the #$*! Do We (K)now!?”, also known as “Down the Rabbit Hole”. I can’t remember now how my browsing the internet today started, but I ended up learning a lot about the science in “What the Bleep”: It’s terribly inaccurate. There are other inaccuracies or downright errors,Continue reading “Getting my beliefs challenged”

Food politics as religion

I have never understood the food-as-hobby thing. Of course, I’ve never understood the car-as-hobby thing, either. Some things are just used by most of us, while others of us delve into the inner workings, the bits and pieces, and know the subject from the inside out. I have a friend who delves into food, andContinue reading “Food politics as religion”

Faith in Jesus, interrupted

I have always been interested in Christianity. More specifically, I have always been interested in the answer to this question: Does Jesus save? I have always struggled with having a faith in Jesus. My own family is made up of theists, but nobody ever bothered with the traditional religions. Grandma couldn’t understand why anybody wantedContinue reading “Faith in Jesus, interrupted”