In my ongoing journey to figure myself and life and all that stuff out, I’m now trying to learn about non-attachment. Attachment = expectation. In “The Shack”, they suggest you ditch the noun and go for the verb: Expecting. That is making more and more sense to me. Expectation sets you up for failure; expectingContinue reading “Expecting”

Settling into a new home

So I got my own domain something like four years ago, and the stuff I have here is still in limbo. It’s like moving house: Taking everything I have in the old home, and trying to make it fit and function in the new one. Some things look fine, some don’t fit, some have noContinue reading “Settling into a new home”

National Write Something Month

Pluto. Pluto in Virgo. Pluto in Virgo conjunct the North Node. That’s what I have to offer in November. Not a novel—navel-gazing. An old hobby is being rekindled. Astrology is a life-long love, and just when I thought I could live without it, it shows back up and shows me how good it is atContinue reading “National Write Something Month”

So while I’ve been gone…

Interests keep changing. Or rather, focus does. I obviously still enjoy taking photographs, because I kept my camera busy during my vacation. But even photography requires inspiration—and weather that won’t ruin a camera. And so I let Wordless Wednesdays slide. I stopped forcing myself and let my blog rest, too. The nice thing about longContinue reading “So while I’ve been gone…”

TL;DR – and TL;DW

I think the most frustrating experience with the internet is TL;DR—too long, didn’t read. I have a long list of longer articles that I know interest me and that I want to read but the energy just isn’t there. Or the focus isn’t. Or the time. How annoying! All this knowledge literally in my lapContinue reading “TL;DR – and TL;DW”

We are not a muse

So over at Chez Alice’s, Alice herself posted about the dearth of postings on her blog. Specifically, postings that feature writing, rather than photography. I recognize and sympathize with Alice’s sense of lack since my own blog has the same dearth. The amount of time has not changed. The interest in the world around meContinue reading “We are not a muse”

Adventures of a touch typist

A scene from work: My boss comes over to talk to me, and I am typing something, and continue to do so as I look up at him to answer him. He stares in horrified fascination at my fingers accurately producing words on the screen without me looking, and finally can’t stand it any moreContinue reading “Adventures of a touch typist”