The battle for spring

Of all the seasonal transitions, the one between winter and spring seems to be the most violent. I’ve tried to predict weather using astrology (astrometeorology). The starting point are the seasonal ingress charts, i.e. the charts for the equinoxes and the solstices or the cardinal signs. For the spring equinox the chart is made forContinue reading “The battle for spring”

90, if you want

A friend commented on another blog post of mine about how we’re told that loneliness shortens a life span like a smoking habit does. Her married parents are now within waving distance of 90; she doubts she’ll get to that age. I have a theory, or maybe it’s just a good ol’ opinion about longevityContinue reading “90, if you want”

The almost astrologer

So, I’m busy downloading old photos from my Flickr account because Flickr is being sold and I’m tired of dealing with various TOS. ‘Sides, I’m paying for Dropbox. And digging through the old stuff, here’s one from 15 years ago: The weekend I was a professional astrologer. Giving an astrological reading at the Bergen NewContinue reading “The almost astrologer”


I like that the word “parallel”—if written in a sans serif font—contains a parallel. What also contains a parallel, is astronomy and from there, astrology. Keep reading if you want to see me attempt to explain the tilt of the planet. First of all, let’s get one thing in our heads: All the planets, exceptContinue reading “Parallels”

A glimmer of a post

I could give you all kinds of astrological reasons for why my flow suddenly choked, but suffice to say that the communication planet Mercury is slowing down to turn around and right itself on Sunday. Until then, I shall amuse myself—and hopefully you, too—by wondering about the “false friends” language has. Things that look relatedContinue reading “A glimmer of a post”

Bad star

Disastrous: Causing great damage. Fortunately (heh, see what I did there?), I have never experienced a disaster. Neither of the natural kind, nor the personal kind. And that leads me to the word’s origin: From “disaster” which means “ill-starred” or to be ill-fated because of the stars. Modern astrology is more psychological and less aboutContinue reading “Bad star”

So, how’s your September?

My shoulder scan This post contains astrology. And bathrooms. And frozen shoulders. Not necessarily in that order. I have discovered I don’t take my own advice, which makes me perfectly normal. I always tell people to get their pains and troublesome body parts checked out sooner, rather than later, but I delayed seeing a doctorContinue reading “So, how’s your September?”

Astrology, the story-teller

OK, I knew my last post would not appeal to everyone, but as I said in a comment to a comment, I take my wisdom wherever I can find it. Which happens to include astrology. Because of my family’s interests, I grew up in a home that not only had huge picture books showing the treasuresContinue reading “Astrology, the story-teller”

National Write Something Month

Pluto. Pluto in Virgo. Pluto in Virgo conjunct the North Node. That’s what I have to offer in November. Not a novel—navel-gazing. An old hobby is being rekindled. Astrology is a life-long love, and just when I thought I could live without it, it shows back up and shows me how good it is atContinue reading “National Write Something Month”

And the other shoe drops

Unlike what other people I know experienced, 2012 was a laid-back year for me. I entered the new one, ready for action. Today, I got a taste of what might be in store: I’ve been asked to stand for election to my co-op’s steering committee, an office that is for two years at a time.Continue reading “And the other shoe drops”