I like to do stuff myself (mostly), so I'm in charge of WordPress updates to my blog. And the last one messed up due to a bug reported in February. (Always follow WordPress blog if you have a WordPress-driven blog.) So this site has been down for 7 days.

And the funny thing about not being able to do something, is that then you really, really, really want to do it!

So I had a number of ideas for blog posts - none of which happened near pen and paper and no way to publish anyway, so I didn't write anything down and now I can't remember. Not to worry. On a podcast I heard that creativity creates more creativity. Once you start dishing it out, it keeps coming. So I should be able to think of things to say if I just get started.

I also got challenged to get away from Facebook and back to (more) blogging by a fellow blogger. (Again, wanted to write, but couldn't.)

Now that I'm back in business (and a lot wiser about updating and backups and such), I definitely want to spend more time here.