I sometimes wonder if I'm able to savor. I seem not to have passions, things or feelings or beliefs that grab me with all my being and all my fiber and that I cannot and will not let go of. So I let go, perhaps a little too fast, denying myself the opportunity to savor.

Except, that's what my blog lets me do. I revisit, I remind myself, I remember by sharing here and that gives me a chance to savor the experience I just had, to look at my pictures again and enjoy the view, the moment once more.

But as I write this, I realize there are other things that qualify as savoring. For example, the wash cloth that just left my knitting needles.

Knitting is an activity that gives me great satisfaction and calms my mind while also keeping me creative and engaged. With this particular project I was also enjoying the yarn color itself. I think any activity that lets you lose yourself for a bit while also rewarding you in some way is a form of savoring.

Savoring the moment, savoring the activity, savoring the result.

Inspired by the Daily Prompt