About me

Keera July 2015

I’m an American who has spent most of her life in Bergen, Norway.

It started as a summer vacation with my Norwegian-born grandfather and American grandmother, while my parents in my native California were sorting out their divorce. Autumn came and my grandparents realized they needed to either send me back to California or get me enrolled in school in Norway. So, a few months before I turned 9, I started school without knowing Norwegian.

I stayed in Norway for 7 years before returning to my native California, where I had a couple of years of high school and a couple of years of college.

In 1981 I went back to Norway, just for a visit. But history repeated itself: Before I knew it, I had a job and a condo. So here I am, a permanent resident of Norway, fluent in Norwegian, and as of January 2018, a former US citizen and current Norwegian one.

Hobbies include distracting myself, having no other ambition except to be happy, trying to figure out how to cook, reading mysteries mostly when I’m not reading about health, knitting, watching TV, astrology, poking around Bergen like I’m still a tourist and this here blog.

Speaking of the blog: The name “A Roll in the Universe” is inspired by episode 9, season 1 of the Muppet Show where Mildred Hockstredder says on Man’s role in the universe: “I don’t think he can. Roll. …Not round enough.”

Not that that stops some of us from trying. 😉