Growing old

2022 has been a bit more stable than the previous two years, and yet still very much under the influence of the pandemic. The “hibernation” we all went into in 2020 is hard to wake up from. For example, I rarely want to go the grocery store in person like I used to. Instead, I continue to order online.*

Hibernation is no way to live, however, and it is human nature to want to move around and explore and experience new things. I find myself wanting to get out again. Do things like take evening classes or go to concerts. This post-pandemic lethargy is getting stale.

Slowly, I am waking myself back up. It helps to get things shaken up at work. Thanks to a reorganization, I have a new boss and some new coworkers. There’s a freshness and a bit of chaos, and the challenge of keeping up has made me feel my old self again. My old self likes new things.

Speaking of new things, I was watching a make-up tutorial on doing make-up for aging eyes. Every age has its own charm, its own advantages and its own challenges, and I was still doing my make-up like I’d learned in the 80s (!). The video taught me a few pointers and I had fun experimenting and acquiring a better daily make-up. And I started thinking about the phrase “growing old”.**

Growing old. Growing. What is growing? What signifies growth? I’d say development, expansion, thriving, strengthening and even discovery and learning. This makes growing old sound appealing. It sounds like an opportunity. And it is. It is like nothing you’ve done before.

And of course, if you can keep doing the above, the growing bit, you’ll never actually age.

The Norwegians call old age the autumn of life (livets høst)

*) It’s not just lethargy, though: The app makes it easy to see specials and coupons, so it actually saves me money.

**) Norwegian sticks with “get old”. Where’s the fun in that?

By Keera Ann Fox

I am a bi-lingual American who has lived most of my life in Norway.
Jeg er en tospråklig amerikaner som har bodd mesteparten av mitt liv i Norge.

5 replies on “Growing old”

Personally I can’t go with “growing” and “old” together. I’d say becoming old, or, as you say, getting old. It’s just the reality. As life goes on, of course, you accumulate more and more information, if you look for it, that is, and with a little luck it becomes wisdom. Myself, I am less introverted now, at 70+, mainly because I don’t really give a shit (quite as much,) and I’ve learned that what people think of me can’t hurt me. (quite as much.) I guess after so much time, it’s simply that you become good at living. For the rest, it’s all a matter of losing steam, maybe, and parts wearing out. As it’s always been, you just work with what you’ve got.
The perspective change with aging makes things more interesting. I’ll say that.

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