When I was still 60, just some two months ago. Yes, that’s my natural hair color. Can’t see shit without the glasses, though.

I’m in my 60s! How strange! But I honestly am excited about this decade I have soundly joined.

Oh, there are changes. One eyebrow has started to hang intermittently. The body just isn’t as firm or flexible as it once was, but it’s still healthy and does what I need it to do.

Honestly, I think I’m ready to stop being youthful and young-looking. Except, one of the things my co-workers said about me during birthday cake last week was that I didn’t think like an old person. They’d met 50-somethings that had settled into just waiting for retirement, while I’m still eagerly learning new things.

Oh, that’s right. I do that, don’t I. Nice reminder of what actually gives me joy.

Of all the things I hope not to lose as I age, curiosity is the most important. The true fountain of youth is to always want to ask, to discover, to learn.

I’ve been getting complacent, perhaps, and definitely ready—not at 50, but at 60—to be done with being young and promising and eager about everything. But I realize that that could have been the influence of the period of depression and anxiety I was going through.

It was good to get the feedback from my co-workers. It was a good reminder to me that my natural tendency to want to know, to find out should not be given up on. After all, I am always at my happiest when I’ve learned a new thing, even if it is just how to fold towels in a new way (which was a very useful thing to learn!).

So what’s next? Keep asking questions. Keep reading. Don’t start skipping over articles or conversations.

The adventure isn’t over yet! Not as long I can still ask, “How?” or “Why?”

Towel folding (YouTube)

By Keera Ann Fox

I am a bi-lingual American who has lived most of my life in Norway.
Jeg er en tospråklig amerikaner som har bodd mesteparten av mitt liv i Norge.

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Happy birthday! The best thing for me about turning 60 was the loss of all desire to date, which had always been a curse for me. It’s so freeing! Granted, this feeling began a few years prior, but 60 really cemented it… no one expects a 60 year old woman to care about romance (though some do and that’s fine), so I don’t get the same “aww don’t give up” crap I did in my 50s. Yay! Enjoy! And omg Keera you look wonderful! 💖💖💖

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Thank you, thank you! 😘 And yes I love not having to care about some things any more. Some our age complain about being invisible, but I haven’t noticed that when shopping. I’m fine with it around men. Heh. I used to be such a flirt! 🤣

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I passed 60 a while back, and I have just recently realized there is such a thing as «the age card.» I play it now with relish–when it suits me. As a bonus, people no longer ask me to help them move heavy objects and y
oung women smile at me in passing now, because I look so harmless.

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