The beginning continues

I have moved from the prologue of this book of adventures that is now me and on to the first chapter.

In the month that has passed since you last heard from me, I have created an altar (inspired by a Daily Om article), I have do Sanskrit chants like “Asatoma Sadgamaya” (spelling varies wildly) and “Om Shanti Shanti Shanti”. Right now, thanks to a tip from a dear friend, I am thoroughly enjoying the chants and music of Krishna Das as I write.

The altar is still a work in progress. I found some things I like, and placed them on a small stand in my hall, simply because I couldn’t think of anywhere else an altar would fit. But that is a good fit. It does catch my attention as I pass. I do stop and do a short prayer/affirmation in front of it.

The altar in its current state: Candle, blue hearts (ho’oponopono inspiration), mirror (represents water and reflects light), my jar of positive accomplishments (I need to add to it!) and on top, my meditating Buddha figurine. I guess the clock at the lower right is also part of my altar. Blessing my time management?

Yesterday, I moved a few things around so my shopping cart was no longer in the hallway. That brings the altar even more into focus. I’m a bit surprised at that wee change, that I thought to do it, that it has an effect.

This reminds me of the scene in “I, Tina” where Tina Turner makes an altar at home and does her Buddhist chant. That’s it. Just the chant, over and over again. But it leads to big changes, like finally getting divorced from Ike Turner.

The ancients have given us magic to heal our lives with.

I have to admit, raised in Western culture as I am, that this Sanskrit stuff feels a bit weird and exotic, but it does comfort. Knowing the words are positive, but not being able to attach any specific meaning to them does the work of focusing the mind without judgment.

The six weeks I’ve spent on partial sick leave have led to some discoveries: I seem to have the habit of anxiety about being late to appointments. Which is a bit weird because it’s not like I don’t know how to be on time to appointments. There’s probably some unearthing to do there. (Speaking of unearthing, the three planets in Capricorn that have been retrograde are now moving direct one by one towards October 5. #astrology) I also take my anxiety to bed with me and wake up with neck aches and headaches.

In preparation for going back to work full time, I’ve been switching things around a bit. I now know for sure that part of my tummy troubles are not just anxiety but also lactose intolerance. A common enough thing so lactase pills have been purchased. I also know for sure that cell phone use must be absolutely forbidden in bed. Something about the angle irritates my neck and shoulders and contributes to the aches. Screen use before bed is not a good idea, at any rate, so I’ll be knitting or doing something else screen-free the last hour before bed going forward.

I also talk to my subconscious as I settle in bed to go to sleep. I tell it that whatever problems or work issues I am taking 1083 % responsibility for even at night can wait till morning. Any problem-solving done while sleeping is done with Divine guidance and Divine peace of mind. I also say, “My neck holds nothing up and just rests.” I say the same for my head and shoulders. Because those aches? They come from holding my head up while I sleep! Not far. I’m on the pillow, but my neck is holding my head. Sheesh.

Another good friend gave me a tip about “bed yoga” to limber up in the morning (mostly for backs but any movement is good). So I do that while I listen to the morning radio. Then I stand at my altar and try to sing along to “Asatoma Sadgamaya”. (Links to videos at bottom.)

All of this has led me to tell my doctor that I no longer need sick leave. 100% back to work as of Monday. I got my energy back. Finally did laundry, and was also in such a blessed frame of mind that my two hour phone call to my Mom became one of the best conversations I’ve had in a long time. And all my laundry got folded and put away, too.

Having energy is such an obvious marker of improving health, whether physical or mental!

Heck, I had so much energy this morning that I played the Asatoma Sadgamaya video to time my shower (so I didn’t take too long) and decided to give the shower a quick scrub while I was at! All that within the six minutes of the chanting!

I’m feeling really good, really blessed and really happy right now. Thanks to all my helpers, known and unknown, seen and unseen. Namaste!

By Keera Ann Fox

I am a bi-lingual American who has lived most of my life in Norway.
Jeg er en tospråklig amerikaner som har bodd mesteparten av mitt liv i Norge.

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