Er, about that diet…

That diet I’m on, where I deleted every game on my phone? Yeah, I put some games back. Something in a comment about not coloring every picture. I was compulsively coloring. Every. Picture. So Happy Color is back, and now I deliberately color only the ones that are the kind I like to color (mostly landscapes).

There is method to my madness: I don’t have a good card playing table so after a while, my back hurts. Or my fingertips do from all the shuffling. I have to keep my hands busy while watching TV, and haven’t quite gotten to where I want to knit again. Therefore the games. They are also doable when waiting for nail polish to dry—as is blogging.

But I have not surfed entertainment sites, or rather I’ve surfed the ones that are limited in scope. The ones with discussions that could pull me in I have not gone back to. I’m reading more news. Actual news. Did you know that Betelgeuse is about to go supernova? Maybe this year, maybe 100 000 years from now, but it’s going to.

No progress with adding to daily tasks but I’ve kept up the ones I have so far.

I need to find a way to want to do housework. I touched on that in an earlier blogpost. So far, no eureka moments.

By the way, have you ever been going through so much stuff, so many changes, so many challenges that when you do something you’ve always done, it’s like seeing a really old friend? I did that today.

See, I can read maps but apparently not to perfection. I see where I need to go and promptly start off with my usual fast walking pace until I start to think that I’ve gone too far. I double-check the map, and yep, I walked too far so I double back. (I was looking for an address in an unfamiliar neighborhood. A tiny adventure.)

Speaking of adventures, look at this hallway I trusted would take me to the right place!

I always do that, that double-back thing, because I always walk like I know where I’m going and pretty have myself convinced I do.

So that moment when I stopped and checked myself and took a new heading and started walking back to the correct street—that felt like an old friend. Something changeless, something classic, something perennially me. The familiarity made me smile.

By Keera Ann Fox

I am a bi-lingual American who has lived most of my life in Norway.
Jeg er en tospråklig amerikaner som har bodd mesteparten av mitt liv i Norge.

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How interesting! I never am tempted to color pictures that don’t appeal to me, such as those Scooby Doo ones, most of the ones with people in them, and almost all the pattern type ones, which I find annoying. But give me a kitty or something offbeat and yay!

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