You know that fly-buzzing-against-window thing? Code is cracked.

How many times haven’t you had a house fly or some other flying bug buzzing against the inside of a window? You open the window and the insect still bangs and buzzes everywhere else against the window except where it’s open.

I’ve gotten pretty good about talking wasps back out of my apartment when they’ve flown in. Yes, I talk to them. Or I pray. Basically, I’m trusting the unseen part of nature, the part that instinct relies on, to help me communicate with the critters around me. They sense my energy, my intention. I’ve experienced this time and again and today I had an experience that drove this point home for me.

If you’ve ever wondered why a fly casually walking on the window suddenly goes nuts all over it when you approach, here’s the answer. I approached such a fly this morning, and opened the window for it. It immediately buzzed and bumped all over the part of the window farthest from me. And suddenly it hit me: The fly was panicking. It assumed I was some kind of threat to it, and it had suddenly gone all desperate, trying to find a way out that wasn’t near me.

I stood there, trying to convey calm to it, unsuccessfully. It continued its panicked dance on the inside of my window. It wasn’t until my thoughts drifted away from the fly’s situation to my own (how long do I stand here holding the window open?) – i.e. my focus moved away from the fly – that the fly itself moved in my direction, this time far enough down to where there was an opening and out it flew.

Coincidence? If you like living in a world where nothing wonderful ever happens, then yes, it’s just coincidence. Me, I acquired a new understanding of house fly behavior and the invisible forms of communication.

By Keera Ann Fox

I am a bi-lingual American who has lived most of my life in Norway.
Jeg er en tospråklig amerikaner som har bodd mesteparten av mitt liv i Norge.

6 replies on “You know that fly-buzzing-against-window thing? Code is cracked.”

Who would want to live in a world where nothing wonderful or magical happens. Children live in a magical world and as we grow we're taught to be realistic and practical – in other words to leave all the wonder behind. I've talked to many a bug in my day and while it often seems to have no effect there are those few moments where there does seem to be a connection. That's magic and fills my world with wonder.Thanks for a nice piece of wonderful, Keera.


Horses, dogs, cats, and even birds will pick up on your energy, and calmness is my intentional state for this. I never have tried it with insects, though, but opportunities abound now, especially with all our butterflies. Thanks for the idea!


Keera-Yes, it's so, and beyond even the animal types. Consciousness pervades, and we all react. My gram taught me to catch flies when I was young. Later, after a few years martial practice, I was able to knock them out of the sky. Then I learned to push hands with them, the gentle responsive touch interaction, and slow scoop them up into palm for a quick trip out side. Yes, calm. Regards!


zookeeper & Keera,A couple of nights ago I was up in my bedroom and a firefly/lightning bug got in. Fireflies are rather magical and we are seeing fewer of them because of all the lawn chemicals. I scooped it up and gently put in outside the window on the roof of the garage. It twinkled delightfully. My cat, who loves to roam the roof at night, ran right over and ate it. The circle of life.


Zookeeper, welcome to my blog! I love your story and method for handling the flies.Elyrest, speaking of circles of life (and attendant ironies): People who know I'm afraid of spiders wonder why I try not to kill them. It's not the spider's fault I'm afraid, I say, so why should it lose its life over my phobia? But if a bird or cat hunts it and eats it, I'm good, because that's just natural.


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