Where I was on Wordless Wednesday

Somewhere on the bus on the way back to the airport I realized that there was no Wordless Wednesday post this week. And since two-day seminars way up on 815 meter high mountain tops tend to knock a body out, I’m getting around to posting some photos for you only now.

The nice thing about such trips is getting the chance to see a place I wouldn’t normally travel to. I am no snow bunny. I live in a country known for its skiers, yet have not put planks on my feet in over 10 years. Give me the warming hut!

After an early plane trip from Bergen to Oslo, then a two hour bus ride into one of the prettiest places in Norway, there was no hot chocolate waiting for me. Just these spectacular views of Norefjell ski resort, site of the 1952 winter olympics (they made do with less back then):

It was so lovely, nobody wanted to stay in. Even we warming hut nuts skipped the hotel spa offerings and took a little walk. Many of the Norwegians in our party got in an Easter mood, the Easter break being the time of year for the last chance to do some serious skiing – often in bright, warming sunshine. The sun here brought the air up to a very pleasant -1C/30F, and we all ended up on the hotel’s west balcony. Cold beer sure tastes good in this climate!

Not being a snow bunny, I do not own clothes fit for -15C/5F, so bought mittens the day before and fleece tights. I do own a down parka, and with wool and fleece layered under jeans and sweater, extra wool socks in my boots, wool cap and scarf, I was ready for our sledding competition after sundown. That’s when I realized I hadn’t done that in about 40 years! At least I didn’t fall off.

I stayed warm enough for the hour our little competition took, and gratefully went indoors to change for the evening party. The inside of the hotel was certainly warm enough, and provided some rather interesting decor:

The next morning we woke up to thick clouds and snow. Thankfully, all our activities on day 2 were indoor ones.

By Keera Ann Fox

I am a bi-lingual American who has lived most of my life in Norway.
Jeg er en tospråklig amerikaner som har bodd mesteparten av mitt liv i Norge.

2 replies on “Where I was on Wordless Wednesday”

Keera,That snow looks wonderful. Here in the states we have had almost no snow and weather that has been bordering on balmy. I am itching to take a long, crunchy walk in the snow before spring comes.I did cross-country skiing 20 years ago, but then lived in California for a dozen years and \”lost\” all my equipment along the way. It's marvelous exercise and the best way to enjoy a snowy winter.Enjoy!Ellen


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