A warm “fohn” wind blew yesterday morning. A cold and wet wind blew yesterday afternoon, and I – who didn’t have an umbrella – took the bus home.

Typical November weather. The wind comes in hard and sideways and dumps huge amounts of rain on you, also sideways. And it makes the darkening evening even darker.

I didn’t discover until I was an adult why I hated November as a child. I usually notice stuff, including stuff other people don’t notice, but the autumns of my childhood are a mystery to me. I can’t remember what they were like. Except for November.

As an adult, however, I have solved the mystery. I simply hadn’t had the sense to appreciate the brilliant colors of fall: The stunning golds and reds and yellows, that arrive slowly and leave so quickly. All I remembered was that one month where there was no color at all: November.

November was just gray. Gray skies. Gray ground. Gray leaves. Gray trees. Gray weather. Gray, gray, gray. No wonder it drove me nuts!

November is still gray but I can be more patient with it now. I have the sense now to pay attention to the changing of the leaves and enjoy every hue. I also know that by December we’ll be putting advent lights in our windows, creating little beacons of solace in all the gray. And then comes the solstice and Christmas!

Although January, too, can be gray like November, it nevertheless is the start of a new year, and of lengthening days, and it is filled with thoughts of the future. Even for some animals: I’ve seen magpies in January checking out potential twigs for their spring nest-building.

November is here. I’ll deal. Happily.

By Keera Ann Fox

I am a bi-lingual American who has lived most of my life in Norway.
Jeg er en tospråklig amerikaner som har bodd mesteparten av mitt liv i Norge.

5 replies on “November”

One of my favorite posts of yours, so much optimism and I share your enthusiasm for the month of November and December.;)However, I have to admit, that my absolutely total depression comes in January. I simply dislike both January and February, but will work hard on finding something to like about those two never ending months;)xo


Thank you, Protege! Glad you enjoyed my post an enthusiasm!Many Norwegians feel the way you do about those winter months. Here's my recipe: Don't take the Christmas (advent) lights down until the 20th day of Christmas (Jan 13). It helps to leave them up as long as possible. For February, I pay attention to the magpies: That's the month they start searching for place to build a nest in. Knowing they are planning for spring cheers me up.


I always liked November…I think having started out in the Mojave desert, any month which was not June, July, or August at least had some potential.I'm glad to learn about those winds. All I knew before is that they are a type of wind which our \”sundowners\” are not. 🙂


Winds that heat have many names. In California, they are called Santa Ana, while in Norway, we've borrowed the German word \”föhn\” (spelled fohn in English). And that is also our word for blow-dryer: Hair \”fohner\” (hårføner). 🙂


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