Some synchronicities

I was telling some friends that I can’t give up my blog. It provides an outlet for those times when I want to put my thoughts to writing and maybe even have someone else read them. Why would I consider giving up my blog? Well, this year has not been a year of much writing. It’s been an introverted year, a year of repeats, of same old same old, of just going through the motions. Like a good rest.

And then I woke up. This is what I wrote to some friends on July 31:

Well, I was musing on what the heck to do with my time when a thought quietly shrugged through my brain: Astrology.

Then the local meteorologists managed to bungle yet another weather prediction and I thought, “Astrology can do better!”, and tried – in vain – to get Astrolog running on my Mac.

Then Time Cycles offered a half-price upgrade on all my expensive (but now useless because Intels don’t run the Classic environment) astrology software. So I upgraded.

Then I looked up the old astro-weather gang, my former teacher remembered me and welcomed me warmly back into the fold, so now I’m on a mailing list and discussing weather in the Northe Sea. I also bought her 2 CDs on astro-meteorology because I am rusty.

(My credit card debt is going to be a main focus in the months ahead. 🙂 )

My stoopid neck has been bothering me (massage and stretching helps, though). My stoopid shoulders bother me (for two different reasons). My impinged shoulder seems to be doing better with less mouse use so the laptop was a good buy in that respect. But as I sat yesterday (had the day off work), using Numbers to work on some weather charts (a task Numbers – part of Apple iWork – was perfect for), I discovered after hours of sitting in the easy chair with the laptop in my lap that – my shoulders and neck weren’t protesting.

Well, huh. Not to mention: Duh.

So, I feel so happy “being back” I just have to tell people!

Truly. It was odd how going back to the one hobby that had always felt so rewarding, and that even pulled people into my life. Speaking of which: While I was musing on this stuff, friends on Facebook told me about an astrology club forming in Bergen. We had our first meeting last Thursday during the new moon. We were in a stuffy, warm room because the weather outside was clammy and cloudy and threatening rain and thunder – and it made no difference to the 20-ish people present. I enjoyed myself and it all felt right. The vibes were good, man!

Speaking of which: A co-worker was talking about how acupuncture took care of a stiff shoulder and muscle knots and what have you. I have some knots that could turn into inflammation if I’m not careful so I listened to every word my co-worker uttered. Acupuncture sounded like the solution, because physical therapy was helping but taking too long. Another co-worker had also tried acupuncture and he gave me his acupuncturist’s name. And on Facebook, one of the astrologers I had connected with posted the address to a new acupuncturist in town. I called my co-worker’s recommendation first – on vacation until October 5! I smiled at the synchronicity: I had another acupuncturist to try. My appointment with her is tomorrow. Yes, I’ll let you know what happens.

Well, with that and a couple of other things, I want to take Wednesday off from work – and cancel my physical therapy appointment Wednesday morning. I was wondering how much to tell my PT, a nice, young Norwegian woman, and affirmed a few times that God speaks through me as me now. Since my arm had gotten worse again – it had gotten irritated, really – she agreed to leave it alone and just give me a neck massage. She had me lie on my back, put my head in a sling (nice!) and went to work on my neck. One of the best massages, ever! I told her about the acupuncture and why I wanted it. She was totally on board with that idea and even gave me lots of good advice. Including not coming for physical therapy on Wednesday.

I was happy I chose to be completely forthcoming with my PT. Now I respect and appreciate her even more. And I’m happy for all the synchronicities floating my way. I must be living right. 🙂

By Keera Ann Fox

I am a bi-lingual American who has lived most of my life in Norway.
Jeg er en tospråklig amerikaner som har bodd mesteparten av mitt liv i Norge.

7 replies on “Some synchronicities”

Well I saw the compliment your blog got from an award-winning blogger, and also a complement you got from a professional astrologer…I'd say you are more than ok on both fronts 🙂 I have no formal expertise with which to back my own pronouncements but I can at least add that I've always enjoyed your blog and learned from it as well 🙂 (((hugs)))


I think the older we get the more we become aware of the spiritual part of our lives. We start thinking about other things, as it is overwhelming to consider our presence here and also our role in this wast universe.I have always found astrology interesting. Anything that is a bit alternative and unconventional always holds my interest.;)Great post as always.;)


I love synchronicities!(And I also have been struggling with blog writing this year. But while you've been discovering new energy, I am, at the moment, becoming more mired. Hopefully I'll make a breakthrough soon as well!)


We've both been struggling, but you've nevertheless managed to keep up a nearly daily posting frequency. What seemed to happen for me was to rekindle the passion for something – anything. It spilled over into the writing.


I'd be in big trouble, though, if it weren't for regular photo posts! Lately, it seems like my time is spent putting out fires, followed by frantic, futile attempts to get caught up…


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