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I was tagged on Facebook. Since I prefer blogs to notes in Facebook (where a complete stranger who isn’t my friend (hmm) can’t read me), the movie tag is posted here. Rules are: Don’t think, just write down 15 movies that left a lasting impression on you. If you want, tag 15 people.

In no particular order:

  1. Saturday Night Fever. It bored me to high heaven. I still think it’s crap.
  2. JAWS. Especially because of the T-shirt. Pulling that thing off over your head was SCARY.
  3. Young Frankenstein. First time I laughed out loud in a movie theater.
  4. Tron. I just liked it and the effects. Still do.
  5. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. Marvelous special effects, wonderful dead-panning from Ford, and a plot and pace that still takes my breath away. The snakes sent my friend under the movie theater seats. Kewl! (I was more bugged by the spiders at the very beginning.)
  6. Quigley Down Under. I have no idea why this movie seems to have missed everyone’s radar. A western featuring aborigines instead of Indians with three actors brilliant in their roles: Tom Selleck, Laura San Giacomo, and Alan Rickman. With a great theme song.
  7. Blazing Saddles. Best western/racist/Irish/Burbank comedy ever.
  8. Purgatory. Something weird, something divine, about that place. Dang good shoot-out, too.
  9. Men In Black. Best documentary about New Yorkers, ever. 😉
  10. The Fox and the Hound. I saw this Disney movie in Susanville, California, sitting in the balcony of a tiny movie house with “step-cousins” (long story), bawling my eyes out. The cousins thought it was cool that a grown-up would get so worked up over such a movie. Haven’t dared see it again.
  11. The Fly. Jeff Goldblum version. I still think Jeff Goldblum is sexy and I would marry him for his sense of humor alone.
  12. True Stories. I was the only one laughing out loud at this absurd comedy about life in American suburbia. Great sound track, too.
  13. The God’s Must Be Crazy. All about modern white man versus primitive (hah!) Kalahari people. And a Coke bottle.
  14. Help! I woke up from a nightmare and wandered out into the living room. The grown-ups were watching the Beatles on TV. The theme song from Help! followed me on my move to Norway.
  15. The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Who wouldn’t that leave a lasting impression on?

By Keera Ann Fox

I am a bi-lingual American who has lived most of my life in Norway.
Jeg er en tospråklig amerikaner som har bodd mesteparten av mitt liv i Norge.

11 replies on “Movie tag”

I think we have some similar and some very different tastes! I'm surprised but pleasantly so to see someone list \”True Stories\” as one of their favourite movies. It's not my absolute favourite but I love it! Remember Lou Minatti? I left a comment on one of his blog posts about the movie (since it was about Texas where he lives). I remember a reply from someone who said he saw the movie years ago in Texas and half the audience walked out half way through!Have to admit I watched it two or three times before I understood what it was all about.Tom (Talking Heads fan).


Yes, the 1st Indiana was the absolute best! I saw it recently and it still is the best. The last one is absolutely awful, to be frank.I LOVE LOVE LOVE \”The Gods Must Be Crazy\”, it is such an under-rated treasure of a movie.;))A great tag, I must say.;))


No, no, no! The last Indiana movie was the best! Some of it was filmed just a couple of miles from my house – remember the chase scenes in the jungle? It has to be the best one!Seriously, that last Indiana movie was nowhere near as good as the previous ones and the first one was clearly the best. Has any one seen Sean Connery's \”The offense\”? Not the best movie unless you like grizzled detectives chasing child molesters, but it was filmed where I grew up. His apartment in the film was a few hundred yards from my childhood home.My claim to fame I guess!Tom


Tom: Seriously? I mean, it was filmed really close to where you live? On Hawaii? Then I say wow! That scene(s) in my opinion was the only good one in the whole movie.I am not familiar with \”The Offense\”, but I think Sean makes any movie likable. He made the last Indiana bearable.;))


The Indiana jungle scenes were filmed on some private land close to where I live (two or three miles) and if I had the energy I could walk along the cliffs to the exact point where they did the filming. It was a big thing here when they did the filming and since Hilo is a small town it was fairly easy to find out where the crew would be dining each evening!The Offense is not a well known film but you're right, Connery makes any movie he's in great. In that movie he lived in an apartment in Point Royal, a block of flats just a few hundred yards away from where I grew up. The case he investigated took place at Mill Pond where I used to go fishing as a kid!And here you go – I caddied for Sean Connery once when he played a round of golf at Sunningdale. That was nearly 25 years ago.Boy, I'm feeling old now!Tom


Tom, I heard Americans were offended by \”True Stories\” and Europeans didn't get it. I sat in Norway and was highly amused at the contrast between what was quintessential modern US living (including the mirror-imaged tract houses) while also being a bit homesick. And there's one thing about that movie that had me sit up in my seat: The \”voodoo\” man chanting to bring love to John Goodman's character, is chanting the Great Affirmation, which is on my other blog.As for which Indiana Jones is best, I love Harrison Ford enough to forgive some of the failures of the fourth movie, and I am fortunately \”dumb\” enough to not care about obvious glitches in logic or facts. Who cares? It's INDY!And Tom, I can now claim two degrees of separation from Sean Connery! I am giddy with delight over that. Because I totally agree with Protege: Sean makes any movie more likable. 😀


Showing my age here, but what the hell: Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf, Panic In Needle Park, Blow-Up, Midnight Cowboy, Bonnie & Clyde, In The Heat Of The Night, 2001 A Space Odyssey, Klute, Badlands, The Swimmer, Blade Runner, Nashville, Silkwood, American Beauty, Wonder Boys, and most recently The Wrestler.Cheers! Eva (from a.s.m.)


Oh, LOL, I just realized why your blog is called a roll in the universe…it recalls teri garr in young frankenstein! \”roll, roll, roll in the hay\” excellent!me again


Keera – the \”voodo\” man was Pops Staples and that song was the highlight of the movie for me. Sadly, he passed away nearly a decade ago. Another talent lost to us.There are so many small pieces of the movie I adore, the fashion show, the dinner with Earl Culver, the opera singer on the stage in the middle of nowhere. I loved the bit where Byrne described a building – \”it's a box\”. What a weird and fantastic film!Now I have the song \”Hey Now\” going through my head and it won't go away. Damn it!Tom


Hi, Eva! Nice to see you here! I didn't make the connection to Teri Garr's scene in YF, myself, since I got the quote from the Muppet Show, but both work!Tom, see, a great soundtrack! 😉 It's a wild, wild life!


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