Winter wonderland

The snow that started to fall Thursday, fell some more on Friday and Saturday, then it stopped, and left us with a frosted, white world bathed in muted, peachy sunlight. The best part? Some left-over Ghirardelli hot chocolate mix for when I got back indoors. Nom!

By Keera Ann Fox

I am a bi-lingual American who has lived most of my life in Norway.
Jeg er en tospråklig amerikaner som har bodd mesteparten av mitt liv i Norge.

9 replies on “Winter wonderland”

I really like that first picture. When I lived in the UK I loved to take walks on winter mornings when there was snow or frost on the ground and the sun was out. They had those \”crisp and clear\” refreshing feelings and you really felt good to be alive.


First of all: Thank you all for your compliments!Protege, the snow won\’t last. The season\’s first rarely does.Lora, I forget: Whereabouts do you live?Max, our snow is usually pathetic, and now the rain is returning.Alice, that peak is Damsgårdsfjellet, one of Bergen\’s seven mountains.Tom, one of things I like about this time of year is that you see more because there\’s no foliage blocking the view.Nicole, in one sense the walk is very mundane: I take a lot of walks around the local pond, all year round. Still, days like this remind one of the magic that is possible.


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