Sort of on break

It’s downright distracting to have arms whose protests against too much typing and mousing can no longer be ignored. I am doing better, and my increased awareness of what is good for me is definitely helping. But it doesn’t take much abuse to get the arms protesting again (they’re very mutually supportive that way, my arms: They both protest even though only one has a problem; well, I need the reminders).

There’s a lot I want to do – at the computer. But after a whole week at work, I didn’t feel up to doing a lot of typing during the weekend. I need to give my arms that rest.

Happily, today at work went better than expected, with me rearranging stuff so I could have a mouse on the right-hand side of one keyboard and a mouse on the left-hand side of another. (I have two computers on my desk at work. See?) Then it was move one computer over so there’d be room for two mouse pads. Only to discover that moving one computer over had me leaning against the button for the desk lift so it would suddenly start to lower. That was when I came up with the brilliant solution of having the two mice share a mouse pad because I wouldn’t be using both at once (I astound myself sometimes with my brilliance… :-p ).

So after a day of mousing with both hands, and varying between sitting and standing while working, my arms are feeling pretty good. I’m not well yet. Just not getting worse any more. Which is good.

Now, inspired by The Iceland Weather Report, here is what I have to look forward to tonight:

Note the wind around midnight (7 on the Beaufort scale), and the amount of rain (over 2 inches in just one hour at its worst). I sleep with my window open if it isn’t freezing outside, so I expect I’ll hear a lot – or sleep right through it. I am safe from hurricanes and floods where I live so I can truly enjoy the meteorological drama this time of year gives us!

By Keera Ann Fox

I am a bi-lingual American who has lived most of my life in Norway.
Jeg er en tospråklig amerikaner som har bodd mesteparten av mitt liv i Norge.

9 replies on “Sort of on break”

Please tell me that temperature scale is in Celsius and not Fahrenheit 😉 I also assume that I shouldn\’t take you too literally when you leave a window open unless it\’s actually freezing?! I love sleeping with windows open, even if it\’s a bit cold, but I think my line is drawn a little higher than yours!


Heh. Me, too, Paula. :-)Celsius, Tom. 🙂 But not a couple of inches of rain (whew!) but 1/10 that because the rain is in millimeters, not centimeters. My bad.And yes, I really do sleep with the window open. It\’s an acquired habit and yet I\’m not the cold air fiend that some Norwegians are. One friend doesn\’t mind waking up to frost on his duvet (!).


Your friend would make an excellent telescope operator on the summit over here – he\’d be in his sandals, shorts and t-shirt wondering why everyone else was in their Arctic clothing and refusing to step outside for more than a few seconds…Actually, I had a friend who did exactly that once, but it wasn\’t deliberate, he\’d forgotten his cold weather gear. He was a smoker as well, so *had* to step outside for a quick drag every so often, and I don\’t think he\’s ever forgotten his cold weather clothing since then.PS. I was wondering about the two inches of rain per hour but that\’s not too uncommon here, so thought Norway had finally succumbed to climate change and tropical rainfall!


Be careful & keep taking care of yourself.I'm not working nearly as much time on the computer as you do (well, maybe I spend as much time, but not working 😉 ) and it took me now almost 4 months to get a feeling back in my left little finger :(My Mom wasn't as lucky, even after an operation two of her fingers are still numb!But I guess you are on the right track, we sometimes need reminders from our body and hopefully we listen.


I\’ve been standing a lot lately while I work (because of my back) and I\’m surprised by how long it remains comfortable.And regarding the weather, I guess it really is winter now — it\’s been freezing here at night, which is rather unusual while we\’re still technically in autumn. I\’m starting to think this may be an usual season, weather-wise…


brrrr. Very nice! I\’m envious.It\’s been near freezing here at night, but it warms right up during the day – clear blue skies – this is the wonder that is South Texas in the wintertime. :)Of course, winter only really lasts 6 weeks here…Oh, and take care of those arms! My neck and shoulders are suffering from computer use with bifocals these days. 😦


Tom, my friend sleeps under a very heavy duvet. (So do I – with a wool blanket, a Slanket and a hot water bottle!) We don\’t run around naked in Norway in the winter. (I\’ll leave you to sort out the picture I just gave you on your own. 😉 )Nicole, no numbness here but that\’s also what I want to avoid.Protege, it tried to snow earlier today. It\’ll be a nice change from the rain and, anyway, I don\’t drive. ;-)Alice, I\’m alternating more between sitting and standing, and it does help, but I am looking forward to the head PT\’s visit on Thursday (finally) to check out my work area.Sravana, I love days like that, but we tend to get those in the spring. Bifocals?!?


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