The electrical inspector showed up early. I had made an appointment for 8:30 and at 8 am I heard someone open the fuse box in the stairwell. I opened my door – I was dressed, made-up, had finished breakfast and was leave-the-house ready (if you knew my usual state at 8 am, you’d realize what a little miracle this was) so I could do something like just open my front door – and the man peering at my fuses was indeed the inspector I was expecting at 8:30.

He said he’d been told to be there before 8:30. He hesitated when he realized he was half an hour early, but I said it was just fine, come on in and do your thing.

As I write this, I actually feel tickled! My home was ready for an inspection, the inspector could enter every room (even the “free-for-all” that my guest bedroom is for the time being) and he even apologized for forgetting to take his shoes off. I told him I left everything as is, because I figured I might learn something from my “sins”, and he was pleased with that. And I did learn something, and he decided not to write up my mistakes. “Just take care of that microwave,” he said and left.

It all took the 15 minutes the electric company said it would and I got to work by 8:30. Such a smooth and easy and relaxed morning (and the inspector himself was easy on the eyes)! Lovely!

The microwave is no longer getting juice via an extension chord, and my cleared off left counter is where the extension chord is now plugged in for when I use my egg cooker, electric tea kettle and coffee maker. I look at that cleared off counter and think, “How nice to have you!”

My morning routine and new focus on keeping horizontal surfaces clear is definitely paying off.

By Keera Ann Fox

I am a bi-lingual American who has lived most of my life in Norway.
Jeg er en tospråklig amerikaner som har bodd mesteparten av mitt liv i Norge.

4 replies on “Inspected”

Y\’know, I\’m not sure. It\’s the first time in all the years I\’ve lived here that I\’ve had such an inspection. It was for the whole co-op. The inspector had some volt meter or whatever (I didn\’t get a good look nor did I ask) that he touched to the fridge and the stove to check for shorts (I guess), looked at all the outlets in all the rooms and what was plugged into them. He was very concerned about that microwave (it\’s taken care of), and also said that problems usually occur after people remodel, so he recommended using a certified electrician.Now you know what I know. 🙂


Huh. Well, it must be a co-op thing. Comforting, though, innit? Chances are, your home is not about to burst into flames.We had a thorough home inspection done before we bought this house — you know, plumbing, electrical, appliances, roof, all that stuff — to see if anything was about to blow up. At the time, I wondered why we only do these things that one time — then we move in and don\’t worry about it until it\’s time to sell? That\’s kinda crazy. So now I\’m thinking about getting an inspection done every couple of years, just to see if there\’s something subtle that needs attention (you know, like finding out the roof has a problem before> the ceiling and walls get stained by leaking water).


Sort of like when humans get annual check-ups. Certainly plumbing, roofs and electrical systems age and so it\’s not a bad idea to monitor them on a regular basis. But it\’s generally with our homes as with our bodies, isn\’t it: We don\’t pay attention until something goes wrong. 🙂


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