A last look at Dresden

Here are a few more pictures from Dresden, before “we” leave. First, we had to eat. It was noon when our official city guiding was done, and it was a rather bitter day weather-wise, so we wanted someplace warm, too. We were about 10 people who disappeared through a doorway, and down a long, spiraling staircase, not really knowing what to expect. What greeted us when we got to the bottom was a medieval-style(d) restaurant, the Sophienkeller. I highly recommend it!

We were eating in a room called “Zeithainer Lustlager” – “time-copse desire-camp”. Heh.

The goulash was held in a metal pot over a tealight to keep it warm.

The atmosphere delighted us and so did the food. I had potato soup. The men had Real Men’s Food. (One of them actually skipped dinner that evening. Understandably, since he’d eaten his entire lunch!)

Then it was back out in what was somewhat improved weather, camera ready.

I thought this old baroque bridge was absolutely gorgeous.

I also liked this modern version which also bridged old and new buildings.

Entrance to the tourist information office.

This organ grinder holds up a sign in front of his face if you try to take a picture without paying him 1 Euro. I did pay but I think this is the better picture.

This building is the sort of thing I’ve always associated with Dresden – as being Dresden.

Our hotel was on the river and apparently got a lot of bugs. I found this warning hung on my window’s handle:

And the wonderful English translation on the reverse:

In spite of that warning, I did find three spiders (living and dead) in my hotel room. I also discovered that there is a screen on the window, too. Feisty spiders!

By Keera Ann Fox

I am a bi-lingual American who has lived most of my life in Norway.
Jeg er en tospråklig amerikaner som har bodd mesteparten av mitt liv i Norge.

5 replies on “A last look at Dresden”

You are living my dream…to travel the world, and write and photograph it 🙂 My poor north node in 9 doesn\’t get to go as far as it wants to but in the next life I will reincarnate as a Sag? 😉 LOL. Thank you for sharing your travels!


Sravana, it\’s fairly rare to see mangled English, but it does happen.Spark, you and Alice need to get together over some goulash. :-)Beep, the funny thing is that this isn\’t traveling the world for me (that would involve going to far dirtier places on other continents). It is quite ordinary for Europeans to vacation in Europe. 🙂


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