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I sometimes wonder if I should have become an architect, even though my spacial abilities are not much (in spite of getting an “A” in geometry). One of my favorite waste of times secret joys is to surf the ‘net looking for cool houses. I am especially fond of Spanish style homes (which are typical of California) and Bauhaus cubes. (Whadyamean they have nothing in common? They have me in common!) One architect I admire is Frank Lloyd Wright. I am also fascinated by earthships, because I love the idea of environment-friendly architecture. Treehugger often has buildings (and furniture and interiors) that turn me on. 😉

My fascination extends even to RVs – and just because it’s pr0n, I surf the luxury models. I am fascinated by the efficiency and creativity designed into a small space to make it a full-featured residence. Boats hold a similar fascination for the same reason. Not so much yachts, because they can deliberately build roomy. But efficient cabin design onboard a ship or in the cockpit of a small day-cruiser also impresses me. For that reason I am also tickled by multi-purpose or especially practical furniture.

Then there are the seemingly completely impractical designs. However, I love those, too, simply because I love that a building must not be a square. Today’s inspiration (via is Littlehampton’s East Beach Café, which reminds some locals of driftwood. Some architecture actually needs people to make it work, as exemplified by Oslo’s new opera house: It comes alive because its roof has become a new public mall.

By Keera Ann Fox

I am a bi-lingual American who has lived most of my life in Norway.
Jeg er en tospråklig amerikaner som har bodd mesteparten av mitt liv i Norge.

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I\’ve seen some designs recently that use old shipping containers as the basis for modular small house designs.I agree that RVs and boats tend to force an efficient use of space. Much more interesting than the McMansions that keep popping up.


I\’ve always wanted an RV (my family took a vacation to the Grand Canyon in a Winnebago when I was a kid and I was hooked!) and I kinda figured I\’d eventually end up with one — until global warming and gas prices made the whole idea seem a little greedy… but perhaps once they run on something besides gasoline I\’ll put one back on the wishlist!


Put it back on the wishlist! Today\’s RVs, with their solar panels, use of gray water, and the need not to waste or store extra stuff because of physical limitations is so environmentally friendly, it makes up for the fuel the engine uses. Bonus: Some diesel models can be converted to use cooking oil.


What??? And miss watching two historical firsts (a black prez candidate and a female VP candidate) drown in the exact same nonsense we had in the previous two elections?Er, get the kind where the couch folds out into a spare bed, would you?


Sure! North? Or South? I\’ve never seen the American rain forests, so I\’m thinking that would be a good place to start — it\’ll have the special bonus of having no television reception.


To tell the truth, I wouldn\’t mind touring forests, from the redwoods on California\’s northern coast up to British Columbia\’s huge pine forests, on to Alaska\’s rain forests. There is a lot of gorgeous and peaceful scenery all along the northern Pacific.


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