Sweet Saturday

Ever so briefly, I stuck my nose out of doors today. Right after I blew it. Maybe I should be sick more often (NO! I didn’t say that!) because my experiences on the bus today were rather sweet.

Going to town, I was lost in a metaphysical magazine for a while, and when I put it aside and instead watched the other passengers, I noticed a lot of nicely dressed, rather active-looking elderly women. They weren’t together, just a miscellaneous bunch of other humans I happened to see. They got my attention because they were dressed youthfully (wearing today’s type of trainers will do that), they had nice hair, that although white was cared for and stylishly cut, they moved with energy, they wore nice make-up. It was like my focus was on anything that I could compliment – which isn’t a bad way to go through a Saturday. I actually felt a bit stoned. Yay head cold!

My nose cooperated for my visit to my hair dresser’s, and the weather was beautifully mild and somewhat sunny. The discussion we had, as I sat watching my hair dresser cut my hair short since I had said I wanted to grow it long, was about the law of attraction, “The Secret”, Eckhart Tolle and whether or not it matters what one person thinks or does. There is a saying in Norwegian that “many small brooks make a mighty river” (which is probably found in other cultures, too), so we all agreed that one person does make a difference.

I got lots of compliments on my gorgeous hair color from the girl who washed it: Pure ash brown, and hard to replicate even with today’s hair color products, she said. I told her it took me years to appreciate that I had such a pure and even hair color, rather than a boring shade of mouse, but that I do now. So no blonde highlights for me for a while. Those few (I can count them on one hand) strands of silver that play peekaboo with my bangs can just be.

I wandered in my happy fog from the salon through downtown to my bus, had time to browse a newsstand and picked up an interior design magazine, which I started to read while waiting for the bus. I was still reading it on the bus, when I became aware of some conversation going on up front. An older woman with a crutch had borded the bus, and was trying to maneuver herself, crutch and money for the bus, all at once. The 30-ish bus driver told her to just get seated and not worry about paying. A few stops on, he came back to where she was seated, as she was trying to come forward to pay. He had her sit back down, telling her that a woman on crutches shouldn’t have to fuss with moving around in a bus; he could do that. I smiled to myself at the wonderful service our bus driver was giving his passenger.

My foray out into the real world today was brief, but very sweet.

By Keera Ann Fox

I am a bi-lingual American who has lived most of my life in Norway.
Jeg er en tospråklig amerikaner som har bodd mesteparten av mitt liv i Norge.

7 replies on “Sweet Saturday”

\”I actually felt a bit stoned. Yay head cold!\”lol. I know that feeling, but I usually struggle with it.Yay for natural hair color! I got a compliment from a former colleague on letting mine go grey – it helps that it\’s such a nice clear white. :)Kudos to your bus driver. Quite the gentleman!


We get those sort of bus drivers, occasionally, but with the recent switch from Tide to Skyss, it\’s been a real pain. And some of the bus drivers can\’t even speak Norwegian, let alone English. Sigh . . . and some of the driver\’s we\’d become accustomed to with morning conversations and such, left to drive the Bergen – Stavanger route. 😦


Around here, those kinds of drivers are rare. Typical of city routes. Too busy, too often stuck in traffic and too many passengers to get involved with. And that\’s why I enjoy when it happens: When the bus driver actually interacts with the passengers and vice-versa.I\’ll bet your drivers who\’ve been moved to the new route miss the morning chats.


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