Now, this I’d drive!

I tripped over the car for me! It’s a hybrid, in more than one way: It can run on either gas or electricity and can be recharged on the existing grid and it is both motorcycle and car! I can totally see myself in one of these things (room for a passenger, too). Speed and ease while being environmentally friendly.

Now that you’ve watched that, go here and check out the video from the boys at Top Gear. I totally get their enthusiasm! It gave me a good laugh.

(Tripped over at the Norwegian

By Keera Ann Fox

I am a bi-lingual American who has lived most of my life in Norway.
Jeg er en tospråklig amerikaner som har bodd mesteparten av mitt liv i Norge.

4 replies on “Now, this I’d drive!”

hey!I just discovered you and I read your louise hay quote about teeth (aha – so i can blame my teeth deciding to cover themselves in tartar at rapid speed on \’indecision\’) aaaaah. interesting. moving on!glad to read your quote about getting happier everyday. I made the decision 2 days ago – I was going to be happy and radiate happiness and deal with everything by being happy. I do realise that sometimes not everyone is like that, so sometimes you do have to be respectful to other people also. I also realised that I do self-sabotage often by being too ridiculous. Anyway. I noticed you are sagitarrius. You are like me. Hooray for saggy hairy a**es \’horses\’ who like to put their foot/hoof in it. Do you know about eco-footprints also?I know this may seem very random maybe I am not writing about cars, but you seem to be interested in green issues also. Me too. Bye. Lilia


i just watched the video to the car motorbike thing. It looks really interesting, from an environmental point of view, the fuel efficiency looks really good. I\’d be worried about the safety aspect of it though, with all the turning on it, I\’d worry about falling off or being hit side ways by a juggernaut. I\’d have to go on a test drive at 90miles through the desert to test it out. Interesting stuff. What\’s it like off road I wonder?


Way cool, Keera!I think it would be great fun… unless you\’re on the road with all those 5000 lb Hummers and SUVs like we have here. Not to mention semis. :othat being said, if I could afford one, I\’d love it!


Hi, E. B. Lady and fellow Sag! If by eco-footprint you mean something like carbon footprint, then, yes, I\’ve heard of it. My own carbon footprint is low, mostly by accident (it\’s just who I am), not by choice.I haven\’t given riding off-road with the VentureOne any thought. Not really a consideration for me.Sravana, those issues face a motorcyclist, too. The good thing about this car is that it offers more protection around the driver.


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