Thinking big thoughts

Tonight I attended a course that uses this. It was advertised as teaching The Secret, and I had no clue what to expect since I hadn’t even heard of the course instructor. However, the Norwegian woman who held the four-hour seminar was both lively and brilliant and real. I am very happy I went to that seminar.

I’m very happy the seminar even exists, and, really, it is because of the popularity of “The Secret”. That book is currently Norway’s No. 1 seller. It looks to me like Norway is finally going to wake up to a new way of seeing the world. Tonight’s seminar was the first I’ve ever heard of that teaches the law of attraction. Finally, positive thinking and consciously choosing happier, more self-supporting thoughts and behaviors has reached this side of the Atlantic.

You have to understand: Norwegians have been mired in a very special attitude that one can find anywhere on the planet, but only in Scandinavia did it get written down and called a law. The Law of Jante (Jante is a fictional place) basically describes the worst of human pettiness, jealousy, envy, discrimination and resentment. Our instructor mentioned that because Norway collectively still expresses two bad “side-effects” of a culture steeped in Jante Law: 1) Norwegians don’t know how to think/dream big, and 2) Norwegians don’t know how to delight in each other’s successes.

Norway has been steadily moving away from this disheartening and fear-based way of viewing the world in the years I’ve been living here, and so it is a huge deal and a sort of culmination that a small, blonde woman stands before an audience of Norwegians and has them all wanting all of their biggest dreams to come true – without any doubts!

It’s wonderful!

And I, myself, have enjoyed getting a nice boost and a practical approach to using the Law of Attraction. I definitely need to learn to think big thoughts, myself.

PS: For mine norske lesere, vil jeg anbefale seminaret med Birgit Semundseth på det varmeste. Det var et godt og profft kurs, med en del overraskelser og mye latter, og verdt pengene.

By Keera Ann Fox

I am a bi-lingual American who has lived most of my life in Norway.
Jeg er en tospråklig amerikaner som har bodd mesteparten av mitt liv i Norge.

2 replies on “Thinking big thoughts”

Jante sounds like an awful place!!! The Norwegians I know (my hubbys family) are completely the opposite thank goodness, I am even careful when I admire something in case they feel they must give it to me.


I have a Norwegian friend who often says, \”Envy is greater than the sex drive\”. (Rolls off the tongue better in Norwegian: Misunnelsen er sterkere enn kjønnsdriften.) This is a national characteristic that has been gradually disappearing, partly because there are lots of individuals who understand there is a better way. Look at it as a historical thing that still influences Norway, like the Puritans still influence today\’s USA.


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