6K of fun

Well, I don’t know if it will be 6K of fun, but how can it not be? Especially since we have the loveliest day for it, and the walk itself is along one of Bergen’s prettiest foot paths (Fjellveien) with a spectacular view of the city below.

We have a pure Norwegian summer day today, with 18 glorious degrees Celsius in the shade. There’s a woman in a tank-top, pushing a lawnmower for the first cut of the season. Some kids have already pitched a tent (I used to do that, too, as a kid; sort of like having a tree house at ground level). Most kids are in shorts. I have the balcony door open and the temperature feels wonderful.

I am in the process of getting ready for a 6 km walk [PDF] this evening together with some girls at work. If we were English-speaking, I’d dub us the “Basement Beauties”, but since we speak Norwegian, we are dubbed “Underetasjens Underverker”. Close enough. Anyway, the walk is an annual event, and I’d actually like to meet Grete Waitz. I think she’s the coolest Norwegian ever, partly because she never let her fame change who she is, and partly because she cares to share her own joy of running with others. This annual women’s walk/run is on her initiation. The last time I attended (my first), was maybe 8 or so years ago. I have attended since, but that’s partly because I haven’t really paid attention. Anyway, this year, the division head is treating us gals to the run (sign-up fee and the food/drink) so it really is a free-for-all!

When we are done with our 6K walk we will head down to the city center for pizza and beer. Mmmm!

UPDATE: Waitz was there, on crutches, sporting a wig, because she’s been (successfully) battling cancer. She’s written a new book and any profits from both the walk and the sale of her book today will be donated to cancer research. I think. We were sitting way up on a steep grassy hill and couldn’t hear a thing. Or see her very well. I used my zoom to get a shot; she’s the one in the blue jacket. Yes, I got one of those green T-shirts. Turns out pistachio is a good color on me.

I expect to be home late. Don’t wait up. I’m home and I’m happy.

By Keera Ann Fox

I am a bi-lingual American who has lived most of my life in Norway.
Jeg er en tospråklig amerikaner som har bodd mesteparten av mitt liv i Norge.

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