Boots and feet

Back in the day when England was less expensive and Norwegians less exposed to the good things in life (like more than one kind of toilet paper), we girls were thrilled to find a Boots store when on the opposite side of the North Sea because that meant stocking up on items not easily available in Norway (at the time) or that cost more.

A few weeks ago, I had seen a sign advertising for the familiar British “chemist’s”, and the thought that Boots was finally coming to someplace near me wandered idly and a bit happily through my brain only to get dislodged by the regular trivia that dwells there and forgotten.

For my acupuncture date on Wednesday I have decided to make my feet more presentable because they have said they will ask me to take my shoes off and that meant getting a hard-working foot cream. Since I also wanted more fluoride to rinse with I decided to stop at our local drugstore, AKA the apothecary or chemist’s.

And that’s when I discovered exactly where the Boots’ store was. My good ol’ drug store had restyled itself completely, put in both more lighting, good posting of prices and a lot of sensible rows of shelves (you should have seen how cluttered it used to be and that was after another remodelling – and you would have seen had I thought to take a picture). It’s so bright! And clean! And shiny! Whee! (The big sign is an ad for an anti-aging serum that promises to actually work.)

And I got my foot cream, my fluoride and just for good measure, a pair of new inner soles for my boots, aptly Boots brand.

By Keera Ann Fox

I am a bi-lingual American who has lived most of my life in Norway.
Jeg er en tospråklig amerikaner som har bodd mesteparten av mitt liv i Norge.

3 replies on “Boots and feet”

Speaking as an acupuncturist (ahem), you cannot imagine the feet that people are walking around on. And – the folks who apologize for their feet (or for not shaving their legs) absolutely do not need to – their feet are just fine, even with chipped nail polish. (note – you\’re in this category)That being said, there are things that *I* look for on feet – depressions here or there, blotches of skin color, presence of bunions – that are indications of the conditions of the meridians. Oh, and I also look for acupoints, but that\’s mostly by touch. ;)But nice, well-cared for feet say more things about the person\’s self-respect and self-image than anything else. (looks at own feet.. ahem)re: Boots – I thought you were talking about a shoe store until I read your post a second time. I was like Whaa?? when you started talking about a pharmacy. I should\’ve been keyed in by the reference to toilet paper.Question: did you go by ferry to the UK?


Spark, we\’ll see how long we keep Boots.Sravana, I think I should offer up soft skin rather than hard skin that catches on everything to a therapist who\’s going to actually hold my feet. But thanks for the tip on not needing to shave. ;-)I did take the ferry once to Newcastle. The other times I\’ve crossed the North Sea, it has been by plane.


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