K, ‘K? ‘K!

I’m getting the hang of this anniversary thing.

I’m not supposed to do anything.

At all.

Except make suggestions for the meal.

Yeah, you’re asking the right person, all right. I know as much about food as I do flowers, meaning I know roses, dandelions, pizza and hamburger. I’ll eat anything, but I rarely remember its name.

Anyway, a few edible items have crossed my way that tasted so good to me I actually found out what they were called. And since scallops and flan both start with a K in Norwegian, I started getting an idea for the menu: All items must start with the letter K. We will likely have a four-course meal (or five, if you include the cake that comes with the coffee). So I offered my suggestions, and put the working out of details in the capable hands of a far more food-savvy co-worker (he knows how to actually make stuff like roasts and broiled fish). Said co-worker loves the idea of all K’s, too, and it has given him ideas on how to design the printed menu.

So here is a Norwegian lesson (of sorts):

Starter: Kamskjell (scallops)
Entree: Kalvefilet (filet of veal)
Palette cleanser: Something that starts with K (which my more capable co-worker can work out for me)
Dessert: Karamellpudding (flan)
Kaffe avec (café avec is the original French) which would include cordials like Kahlua and konjakk (cognac)
served with kake (cake)

I did not specify how exactly any of this should be prepared. “Surprise me!” I said, finally settling into this whole being thrown a party thing.

By Keera Ann Fox

I am a bi-lingual American who has lived most of my life in Norway.
Jeg er en tospråklig amerikaner som har bodd mesteparten av mitt liv i Norge.

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