Christmas Eve all over again!

“Hi, do you know what day this is? It’s Christmas Eve!” the voice on the phone said to me this afternoon. It took me a heartbeat, then I realized what he meant[1]: My new Intel iMac had arrived!

So instead of getting the grocery shopping done, I met with my Mac salesman at my office, to sign papers and photocopy ID, and then he also drove my new toy/joy home for me. What service!

Part of the fun of a new Mac is opening the very clean and non-cluttered box and just pulling out the machine and parking it on the desk. Part of the fun is that absolutely giddy joy from having a brand-new iMac to unpack and put on the desk. The downside is the sad farewell I have to say to my gorgeous and faithful old iMac. I wonder if I can part with it? It is so cute, y’know?

I ordered the 24″ screen. I was rather surprised at how huge 24″ is. I mean, I felt like I’d bought one of those big flat-screen TVs. Well, actually, I have, if I get a TV tuner. 🙂 It makes my beloved “desk lamp” iMac look tiny (and at the time, that was the largest one – 17″ screen).

The old Mac is hooked up to the new one with a FireWire cable and everything that is me is moving from one to the other. It’s proof that reincarnation is not just a theory or belief.

Isn’t that screen awesome? So glossy! So the first thing I did after I finished the transfer of my soul from one material container to a new one, I popped in a DVD and watched it on a nice hi-def flat screen (I moved the desk around so I can watch movies on my Mac from the sofa in comfort). Complete with the immensely dinky – and I’m sure absolutely easy to misplace and not find for three and a half months – remote control:

In taking the photos for this blog post, I discovered a couple of things: A good place to put the little remote (right-hand drawer, which is also where I keep the USB-cable for the camera) and that the new iMac is so fast that 26 photos were off my camera and into iPhoto in literally a heartbeat (my resting rate is 60 per minute). Versus the I-have-time-to-refill-my-coffee-cup speed I was used to.

[1] Presents are opened on Christmas Eve in Norway. Or on January 4, depending on your Santa. 😉

By Keera Ann Fox

I am a bi-lingual American who has lived most of my life in Norway.
Jeg er en tospråklig amerikaner som har bodd mesteparten av mitt liv i Norge.

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