Subtle shift

I saw the company doctor today. Just a regular annual check-up. Blood pressure’s up but still a healthy 120/80. Cholesterol’s up but within the healthy range. Iron levels are good. Heart and lungs also sounding normal. Lung capacity still rocks. I don’t feel like I’m going to be 47 in less than two months.

One thing though: My doc asked me about an answer on a form about how I felt about upper management. Turns out that the subtle shift I’ve felt since this summer has been felt by other employees. The question is, what next? I’m still working on that question.

In the meantime, trees are turning gold, evenings are turning cold, and I’m rhyming.

I think I could do with a bit of Wow! in my life about now. Just to shake things up a bit. Perhaps I got a bit of Wow! Saturday night. I attended a lecture titled “Buddhism in the West” given by a Danish lama, Ole Nydahl. He had to give his talk in English, because spoken Danish sounds too consonantless for Norwegian ears to grasp easily.

He spoke about the difference between western religions and eastern (faith-based vs. experience-based), and about training the mind. It is all about the mind becoming aware of itself, a bit like finally being able to see your own face with your own eyes without the aid of mirrors or pictures. In other words, very challenging. So no wonder it can take several lifetimes! Because eastern thought is so foreign to western minds, Nydahl has found introducing Buddhism to the west very difficult. Christianity is actually increasing in Asia more than Buddhism is increasing in Europe, for example.

But he tries to spread the word, and has established over 500 western Buddhist groups, via his organization The Diamond Way. What he talked about Saturday has made me curious (and a bit inspired), so I have some exploring to do.

By Keera Ann Fox

I am a bi-lingual American who has lived most of my life in Norway.
Jeg er en tospråklig amerikaner som har bodd mesteparten av mitt liv i Norge.

6 replies on “Subtle shift”

Heh. At 50.12, I can say that I do *not* feel so good – of course, having an over 100 deg F temperature will do that to ya. Those are great numbers, Keera. Interesting, that subtle shift. It could explain the uptick of the BP. Little stressors, etc.Meditation can help that. But you knew that! 😀


At 68 I feel about the same as always, unless I stand up suddenly, then appears I was supposed to give some notice before moving anything.Emotion based religion. I\’ve been watching Christians flying by the seat of their pants, anything goes, for about 30 years. He\’s late to the party.


Not sure what your religion comment means, Norma. Not the emotion-based, nor the flying by the seat, etc.I know I didn\’t write a whole lot, and my few sentences are not very informative. So here\’s a bit more:The lama also said that western religion sees the reason behind behavior as based on good and evil, whereas the buddhist sees it based on intelligence and stupidity. I.e. what makes a person do what he does? I personally find awareness/ignorance a far more useful pair, and I think it dovetails nicely with the Christian concept of mercy/compassion.


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