Comics nerd follow-up and some, uh, whining

I went to hear one of my favorite Norwegian cartoonists, Mads Eriksen, speak, and took a picture of him working, but that didn’t come out, unfortunately. He was sketching what was to become this:

Eriksen was pleasant and humble, and he did say something about Norwegians and their attitudes to the newspaper daily comics: Those comics seem to have a special status for people, to the point that people have actually apologized to Eriksen for not reading his strip.

There is something about this festival that made me realize that I need to visit it every year, and just park myself in the auditorium where the interviewing of the guest artists/writers takes place more or less continuously. Because the thing is, those guys are so enthusiastic, so happy, so generous about their work and with their art, that you leave happy, even if you have no clue who the artist/writer is or what cartoon or illustrated story he does. And this they do in between handling a long line of fans waiting for an autograph – which is always accompanied with a doodle. I love watching them, their patience, the mutual respect between them and their fans, and also between each other. Such a wonderful collection of joy and abundance!

Which brings me to my whine: I have been distracted, lately, by a feeling of lost direction. I have been in this feeling before, but this time, my attitude to it is different. I am watching “The Secret”, reading books like Napoleon Hill’s “How to Think and Grow Rich”, and realizing I think like a pauper. I do not have unlimited amounts of money, because I don’t know what to do with it, so why should it come? It’s not about being rich per se; it’s about having the can-do attitude and the ambition. I have no ambition, no burning desire for something. I never did. And my frustration now is from the realization that I don’t and that that is stopping me.

I need to go find myself, find what I really want, find my passion, and then manifest it. And, I need to update this blog more frequently. I’m actually annoying myself with these five-day intervals.

By Keera Ann Fox

I am a bi-lingual American who has lived most of my life in Norway.
Jeg er en tospråklig amerikaner som har bodd mesteparten av mitt liv i Norge.

3 replies on “Comics nerd follow-up and some, uh, whining”

I need to go find myself, find what I really want, find my passion, and then manifest it.You\’re halfway there, hon, with the cat and grandma and the picture-taking… you just gotta light something off. Remembering of course, that you\’re older so it has to be something difficult, but not ridiculous.And you\’re the second Sag I\’ve discussed this exact topic with in a month. Hello Saturn/Virgo.And, I need to update this blog more frequently. I\’m actually annoying myself with these five-day intervals.I\’m annoying myself with my clogged throat. You\’re doing fine.max[\’Do dah.\’]


Well, my frustration at work started before Saturn entered Virgo, Max. More telling for what brought it out in writing on my blog, is transitting Jupiter opposing a natal 6th house Moon.Not sure what you mean by cat, photography & grandma.Alice, I am rather shocked to discover that I haven\’t been taking good care of myself, but, as you say, getting caught up in day-to-day. Time to fix that, too.


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