Wanted: Change (and a new ‘puter)

Well, now that Blogger’s not acting up, and I’m not busy erasing my hard drive (on purpose), I can finally show you my new hairdo. I got tired of the blond stripes and wanted my brown back. And while I was at it, I changed the cut, too.

I’m ready for more change. I wasn’t for a while because some change hurts too much (you know, losing people). But now I feel like I’m ready for something different. Question is, how drastic shall the changes be? Home, work, relationships, even health, are all areas that have been the same for a long time. I’m ready for something new, including a new computer. The quest for change is also spiritual, meaning I have spiritual reasons and will use spiritual methods for change.

Reformatting the hard drive was an attempt on my part to stop my aging iMac from freezing so frequently (seems to have helped). I have outgrown my pretty G4 iMac, the one that stands like a reading lamp. Too many files, and too many photos and work wanted to do on them. But first things first: Pay off the vacation’s credit card debt(s) while drooling over this.

By Keera Ann Fox

I am a bi-lingual American who has lived most of my life in Norway.
Jeg er en tospråklig amerikaner som har bodd mesteparten av mitt liv i Norge.

12 replies on “Wanted: Change (and a new ‘puter)”

Wow! That little ole mac lasted quite a long time! I hardly ever see those around anymore!Oh! And the haircut looks great! I love the color. Here in the States, EVERYONE has light highlights in their hair lately, so I\’m very tired of looking at them (I hope you\’re on the leading edge of a new trend!).


My iMac will be 4 this Christmas, IIRC. I usually keep my Macs for about 5 years before I toss \’em; many Mac users do. I am a tad sentimental about this one, since it\’s a Christmas gift from Grandma. And it is always helpful to have a 2nd Mac when troubleshooting, so maybe what\’ll leave my home will be the cute but decrepit Orange Oyster (clamshell laptop).


Love the look!I have highlights in my hair – but they\’re natural… and grey. lol More like silver. Gotta send out an email pic like Beep did soon.I\’m *really* up for some change, tired of being sad and depressed alla time (losing people sux), and I\’ve also been thinking about a new \’puter – but that will definitely have to wait (see recent emails re: union situation). Of course, I\’d recommend a Dell. lol. Like hell, you say. 😉 ;)Perhaps you could sell the clamshell to a Mac enthusiast? Those are so classic…


I have never had anything but Macs and have no reason to switch yet. After all, today\’s Macs will run Windows. And no problem finding anyone who wants a \”classic\”, either, whether it be my clamshell or my \”lamp\” iMac. Mac-enthusiasts are truly enthusiastic.


Love the hair! It really complements your face.Those new iMacs are sweet. I have a 17\” MacBook Pro as my work computer, and love everything about it except the size. It\’s actually too big — I\’m hoping to downgrade to a 15\”. Otherwise, it\’s awesome. Especially since I can boot into Windows on the rare occasion that the need arises. At home I have a dual 2.5ghz G5 tower. Blazing!


I\’ll have to agree. Sporting new doo. ;)We want a Mac, too, but don\’t really have the extra change just yet. Gotta make sure the kiddos have what they need first, ya know . . . but maybe that long-bearded, drunkened, jolly and fattened elf from Drøbak might drop one under the tree this year.


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