New habit for August

I have been on vacation, one reason for few posts here. Another is, I write only whenever I am inspired.

My vacation has been inspiring. It is fun to see the Universe in action, to manifest the best for oneself and, in spite of what seem to be problems, get exactly what you need and want, whether it be cooperative weather, good company or a well-functioning credit card.

During my vacation, I watched “The Secret”. I had seen the first 20 minutes of the video (offered free on several websites) and was put off by its introduction and design, so obviously based on “The Da Vinci Code”. However, message of “The Secret” is as claimed: Old, universal and doable.

The whole movie explains the Law of Attraction very well. In other teachings, such as the one that is my background – Science of Mind – it is called the Law of Cause and Effect. The point is, the cause is always your own mind, your own thoughts, your own feelings. If you want something different to happen in your life, you have to think differently about your life and you must feel differently about it to the point that whatever change you want feels like it is already true. That’s the secret.

Seeing is not believing – believing is seeing, as wiser people than me have said.

The movie does explain the mechanisms behind how your own thinking can make something apparantly beyond your control come into your life. Basically, like attracts like. Or as the Bible put it, as above (in your mind), so below (in your body). In other words, your physical and material experiences have a mental and emotional source or beginning and the source is in you.

We all know that if we feel bad, the day just seems to be worse than usual. A bad mood makes everything worse. Conversely, a good mood makes everything better. Now, most of us think that our moods are a response to our experiences. Rarely do we hear that our moods create our experiences. But I can personally attest that framing your mind so that it is focused on what is good, constructive, loving and peaceful (basically, I affirm that my day will be so when I get up in the morning) brings situations into your life that echo that thought. Like attracting like. The Law of Attraction in action.

This is a scary thought for most folks, though. Most of us know we are critical, negative, grumpy, irritable, etc. at times – that these are the thoughts we have. The good news is that idle thoughts – good or bad – do not matter. The habitual thoughts do. The habitual thoughts also involve our emotions, giving us habitual moods. And the other scary thing that puts many off is that if our habitual thoughts and our emotions determine our day, that means we can’t blame the spouse, the newspaper deliverer, the jerk who cut us off at the light, or our co-workers for how our day goes: The responsibility for what we go through is on our own shoulders because it comes from inside our own selves.

Not a comforting thought for many, and victims of crimes and abuse will understandably protest. Let me say this: We all have or had bad experiences; we all have scars, bad memories that haunt us, habits we got from our parents/family without thinking whether or not those habits suit us. Realizing that our own thoughts determine how any experience will continue to influence us gives us power. Whatever you’ve been through in life, if you are reading this, you are now being given the key, the power, to have the rest of your life be far better than anything you’ve had so far. And past experiences will only make you more aware of the difference between feeling weak, lonely, useless and lost, and feeling strong, capable, included and loved.

Nobody wants to go through hell twice (or more), but we do, because we are not aware of our own contribution, how we repeat past mistakes. Take your experiences and make yourself aware. Do not blame yourself, or the other person; just be aware of who you were, how you felt about yourself at the time, and make it better for yourself now.

We all have an inner critic. Instead of letting this inner critic natter on, find your inner best friend. Talk to yourself the way a best friend would, with patience, support and acceptance – and remember: friends don’t care what’s wrong with you or they wouldn’t be your friend. Pay yourself a compliment, remind yourself why you are friends with yourself and go have fun!

“The Secret” is one source of information on how to do this. Gary Zukov, Deepak Chopra, Iyanla Vanzant and others are among today’s spiritual leaders in the published world. I came of spiritual age with authors like Gerald Jampolsky, Louise Hay and Stuart Wilde. “The Secret” introduces you to today’s metaphysicians, today’s living and breathing examples of how the world really works. And that is the point of the same old information arising again: Each generation needs to hear the message, wrapped in packaging the current generation can relate to. Rhonda Byrne, the woman behind “The Secret” has basically done what Ernest Holmes did back in his day (c. a century ago): Read about many philosophies and religions, and discovered a common theme – the common theme – among them, and then put it all together for the rest of us. (Thank you, Rhonda. Thank you, Ernest.)

Having seen “The Secret” all the way through, I got over the da Vinci Code-inspired design and enjoyed the movie immensely. It was well put together, and never dull, and is definitely a feel-good movie. And it does tell you, in no uncertain terms, exactly how to attract what you truly want in your life, and also tells you the most common ways we (accidentally) sabotage the Law of Attraction in our lives. (“The Secret” started as a book, also available as an audiobook.)

Here is the gist of The Law of Attraction: If it’s in your mind and your feelings, it will be in your life.

Using the Law of Attraction:
1. Ask – know what you want
2. Believe – have faith, do not wonder or worry
3. Receive – imagine getting, feel getting, as if it already is happening

Make using the Law a habit.

I, for one, happy as I am, nevertheless see room for more growth and happiness in my life, so my new habit for August is to focus on the Law of Attraction, to discover, use and delight in my own power to direct my life and my experiences more than ever.

Join me in making a new habit this month!

By Keera Ann Fox

I am a bi-lingual American who has lived most of my life in Norway.
Jeg er en tospråklig amerikaner som har bodd mesteparten av mitt liv i Norge.

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