Making the rounds of some Norwegian blogs is a meme about what you remember from 1987 (a 20th anniversary).

I can’t tell you anything about popular culture, fashion, top 40 hits, news items, or the year’s best movies without looking it up, because I can’t remember.

I do remember 1987, though, because that was the beginning of my first experience of a Saturn transit to my Sun and Moon and 12th and 6th houses. That’s astrological symbolism for matters affecting the psyche, work, and ego with Saturn meaning time to throw out what doesn’t work; the reality was being downsized at work and finding myself facing possible unemployment, making me feel depressed. It was at this time I rediscovered the power of affirmations, and managed to keep myself from continuing to worry about things I could do nothing about. I did eventually get placed in a different department at work. Not ideal, as it turned out, nor permanent, but I learned a skill that I did enjoy and that led me to work later (in 1990) that I’ve enjoyed since.

And another memory linked to the above (in the grab bag that is my memory) is of my grandma telling me Grandpa had been married before. And had a son. I fell silent at hearing this. And she correctly guessed, “Makes him seem more human, doesn’t it.” Yes, the stoic man who never talked about his past was made more human.

And for those of you who want to know about popular culture, fashion, top 40 hits, news items, or the best movies of 1987, Wikipedia offers this run-down of 1987 and I’m thinking that there are other years far better. But after learning in 2007 how to use iMDB’s year search, I am happily reminded of television’s “21 Jump Street” (can you say Johnny Depp?), “Airwolf” (like Star Trek’s “Enterprise”, the flying machine has a role all its own), “Inspector Morse” (I was sorry when John Thaw died), “Jake and the Fatman” (I always liked William Conrad), and (applause, please) Star Trek: The Next Generation. In movies, this was the year of “Fatal Attraction” (and no one was to ever look at rabbits the same way again), “Good Morning, Vietnam”, a Robin Williams vehicle I actually liked, “Moonstruck”, which absolutely delighted me and made me a Cher fan, and in the category they-don’t-make-men-like-that-anymore (and I mean the agents, not the actors): “The Untouchables”, one of the few Kevin Costner movies I liked, maybe because *swoon* Sean Connery was in it, too. Today’s world could do with some untouchables. Corrupt seems to be acceptable behavior 20 years on, thought I know that at the time “The Untouchables” came out, we pretty much thought the world had gone to moral hell already. “The Untouchables” was a nostalgia piece for a time when people did the right thing, no matter what. Who knew it would get worse? Who knew 2007 would see a US vice-president claim his office isn’t part of the executive branch so he can skirt uncomfortable issues, and the US involved in a war because, quite simply, our president lied?

Onwards to music: “Walk Like an Egyptian” by the Bangles, and I really do need to get a CD of their greatest hits or something. “Tunnel of Love” by Bruce Springsteen, which led to my first purchase of a Springsteen album since “Born in the USA”, and another 1987 memory: Visiting a friend in Trondheim, and riding in the back of their family van, with that song playing on the car stereo. A song I am happy to do without: Chris de Burgh’s “Lady in Red”. Much better to dance slow to Genesis’ “In Too Deep”. I still play that. Also still getting a spin in the CD player is Kylie Minogue’s cover of “Locomotion”. Yes, I know who Kylie Minogue is.

If I left something out, it was intentional, so no need to leave a list of cool stuff I forgot in the comments. The above is what jogs memories for me. But do let me know what you remember of 1987.

By Keera Ann Fox

I am a bi-lingual American who has lived most of my life in Norway.
Jeg er en tospråklig amerikaner som har bodd mesteparten av mitt liv i Norge.

10 replies on “1987”

1987: discovered sushi, met Jeff (the other one), quit my horrible job, went back to finish my degree, etc. Don\’t remember what music I was listening to, but it was a very good year.


To this day, I\’ve never seen an episode of 21 Jump Street. I must admit, I\’m curious, though. I don\’t understand how I managed to miss it on the first go-round.


Dang, I forgot one of the best movies of 1987 ever! \”The Princess Bride\”. That movie has everything!Jeff, nothing like the year one graduated high school. Joe and Paula, you two sounded like you had a good year!Alice, I\’m not sure how I\’d view the series today, but at the time, it was new and different and who knew Dom DeLuise could make such a good-looking son? 😉


Wow. 1987 sucked. (So did 1986) I avoided it. It\’s hard to remember which was worse.2006 and 2007 are trying to duplicate them, which is why I tend to feel like I\’m reliving the 80\’s.m, along with the rest of the world


Eg trodde de giftet seg det året eg ble født? Mammo hadde ihverfall meg i magen, tror eg… Så med mindre eg var veeeeldig for seint født, så 😛


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