Thinks I like about Safari

No, not the swahili word, but the Mac OS (now also for Windows) web browser: I’m testing the version 3 beta, and I like that I can re-open a tab in a new window, move tabs around in an existing window, and that Safari will warn me before closing a window I’ve typed some text in. Like just now, when I replied in the comments to my own blog and clicked on the “close window” button, rather than “publish”. Safari stopped me from having me a) think I’ve commented and end up wondering why the computer hates me, or b) having to retype everything all over again and that first draft was so brilliant – and impossible to remember exactly because of course I typed lots this time. (“Re-open last closed window” also rocks.)

Why do I close the window rather than press “Publish”? For that, you can blame another piece of Mac software: MacSOUP, wherein one simply closes the window when done typing to save your brilliant retort and await sending because it’s an offline newsreader.

PS: Spellcheck in Safari is on automatically now. Why can’t “blame” be spelled “blaim”? Hmmm???

By Keera Ann Fox

I am a bi-lingual American who has lived most of my life in Norway.
Jeg er en tospråklig amerikaner som har bodd mesteparten av mitt liv i Norge.

9 replies on “Thinks I like about Safari”

I\’ve not started messing with V3 yet, but plan to soon. I\’m still a Mac Firefox guy right now, though, simply because too many sights aren\’t optimized for Safari. Plus I love all the plug-ins for Firefox.


Safari v3 handles some of those iffy sites much better, and loads pages faster. I\’ve never gone beyond the basic Firefox because I\’ve never quite liked its look and feel. But for those times when some web duhsign makes a page fail in Safari, I use Firefox.


I\’ve recently gone to firefox almost exclusively (the current version of safari is a serious memory hog + the reasons Jeff mentioned), but now you\’ve got me intrigued…


New tab, move tab, close other tabs, open tab in new window. I\’ve stopped using my back button thanks to tabs and Safari v3 may mean I never hit \”back\” again.Another wonderful new feature is that you can resize text fields yourself, like this one in the Blogger comment input. Now, that\’s useful!


Dawn, I no longer experiment with browsers. Have a whole bunch installed, on the pretext that they\’re good for testing web pages, but I never bother.Alice, I never noticed that! But it can stay. It makes sense in its own way, even if I don\’t. 🙂


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