500th post!

This is supposed to be another slacker report, but I’m not really slacking. It’s just that I’m not blogging. So what am I doing that’s not blogging? Here’s a list:

  • Mulling this “tag” from another blogger over in my mind, looking for some way to respond, because I think it’s worth responding to.
  • Downloading podcasts from this site (via iTunes) to try to make sense of some anger I’ve been venting lately, as well as learn about buddhism.
  • Helping a friend in frequent e-mails sort out her break-up with a boyfriend of 7 years, as well as discussing buddhism, spirit guides, and some childhood/emotional stuff, which also concerns my own development. And which brought up some of the above mentioned anger.
  • The spirit guide discussion has brought back one spirit guide I used to have as well as my current one, and my frustration/anger seems to be the moment before change. It’s time to move on, move forwards and I can feel I must. I just hadn’t identified it. Must get back to that discussion. (Yes, I have spirit guides. You may find that silly, and that’s OK, as long as you don’t find me silly[1].)
  • Tanning myself (that’s when I listen to audiobooks and podcasts). Today it’s raining but today I’m going on a tour of the city’s revamped football (soccer, to you leftpondians) stadium. They now have VIP lounges!!! (I’ll refrain from commenting on how down-home athletic wholesomeness and team spirit has become multi-million your-favorite-currency businesses, totally eclipsing any other activities. Uh, that was me refraining.) Truly, I am looking forward to seeing the new stadium. I’m curious by nature and like having my curiosity satisfied.
  • Planning an Alaskan cruise. So many excursions to do onshore! Takes time to wade throught the choices and make a decision, especially since I have no idea what anything is like in Alaska.
  • Reading everybody else’s RSS feed, which has given me the idea that I should monitor my own so I don’t forget to blog regularly.
  • Now that I’ve blogged, it turns out that this is my 500th blogpost! YAY!

[1] I’m getting tired of the knee-jerk reaction from some “atheist because I’m rational” types to anything that involves the unseen, the not-verifiable-by-somebody-else stuff that an individual can experience. I can accept disbelief, skepticism and critical questions. I cannot accept having everything I say called into question because of a former use of astrology or a current belief in God (or just as bad: never questioned, only made the worst assumptions about). Atheists of that ilk have some gall claiming “believers” are closed-minded. Happily, none of that kind of atheist are my friends.

By Keera Ann Fox

I am a bi-lingual American who has lived most of my life in Norway.
Jeg er en tospråklig amerikaner som har bodd mesteparten av mitt liv i Norge.

6 replies on “500th post!”

Congrats on number 500 – I\’m not even halfway there!RE: the tag you mentioned up top – what is the matter with that woman\’s mouth? (see her pic). I\’d guess too many collagen injections…


the Alaskan cruise will be amazing I\’m sure! my husband wants to go on an Alaskan cruise really bad because he want\’s to see whales. I bet you\’ll get to see plenty. lucky you!


500th post!CONGRATS! Huzzah!but I\’m not really slacking. It\’s just that I\’m not blogging.Yeah, well, when *I* don\’t blog, I *really* don\’t blog. (Just like, \’yo momma so fat, when she sits around the house…\’)Helping a friend in frequent e-mails sort out her break-up with a boyfriend of 7 yearsMore than a year later, and I\’m still simply trying to avoid being netstalked by my ex-. Joy, no? And I get to move, yay.I cannot accept having everything I say called into question because of a former use of astrologyLot of those PZ type dudes running around in blogland. Bugger \’em. Or rather, don\’t.Reading everybody else\’s RSS feed, which has given me the idea that I should monitor my own so I don\’t forget to blog regularly.Good plan. Could you turn on the full entry feed, while you\’re at it? The first two lines of a post are never enough to tell me if I should come over IMMEDIATELY and respond to a post… Yeah, ok, fine, I suck, but still…m, at least the A/C is workin\’ today


Alaskan cruise!? When\’s that?I\’ve been a terrible blogger lately (both as a reader and a writer), but I\’ve kept my fingers in it better than last fall, when I stopped blogging altogether after a death in the family. This time, I\’m not saying much (what can a person say when dealing with grief?), but staying in the game through photos. {shrug} We\’re all going through what we\’re going through and the blogging ebbs and flows because of it. That\’s just the nature of the beast.Congrats on the 500!


Thanks to all for commenting on Numero 500! Sravana, it\’s her words I care about, not her picture.Dawn, I\’m sure I\’ll blog about Alaska when that time comes. And maybe whales.Max, full feed it is. Now, when are you going to update your blog???Alice, I may have mentioned it in e-mail (trip with my mom). I don\’t announce vacation dates on my blog. I\’m a bit cautious (read: paranoid) about doing that.To all: Thanks for commenting on my 500th!


Max, full feed it is. Now, when are you going to update your blog???In five, six minutes? If nothing else, i need to answer all the comments I\’ve let slide.m, thanks for the full feed!


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