I’m slow to update links because…

…I’ll sometimes start reading a blog regularly, think it’s a good blog and worth linking to, and then I lose interest. Takes a couple of months to test the permanency of a new find. So I read far more blogs than I link to and what you get on the left-hand side here is the cream of the litter.

At any rate, here’s PJ. She links to me, and that goaded me into finally including her here, which I’d been thinking about doing, anyway.

Gekko mentioned misc.writing in her post mentioning me, but it’s worth repeating here: For a while I was looking for writers to hang out with and found the Usenet group misc.writing. The people there used mw as a water cooler. Some place to hang out when you need a break from writing, so they discussed anything but writing (though that came up, too), and they argued and stomped all over each others’ egos and politics and made quite a mess for the maid to clean up. Then someone said, “Let’s meet!”, and they did, and had a wonderful time meeting face-to-face the very people they passionately disagreed with, to the point that they repeated the experiment several times, and agreed with each other profusely. (Or something like that; I wasn’t there. I just got the trans-Atlantic phone call.)

You’ve got to like people like that. You’ve got to appreciate the sharp wit, the biting tongue (or pen or keyboard) – and the huge hearts and roaring laughter.

Few of the above good folks are to be found on misc.writing these days. They have migrated to blogs. And I’m cherry-picking and making new acquaintances, rekindling old ones, and am happy to introduce you to them, too.

By Keera Ann Fox

I am a bi-lingual American who has lived most of my life in Norway.
Jeg er en tospråklig amerikaner som har bodd mesteparten av mitt liv i Norge.

2 replies on “I’m slow to update links because…”

I go in phases. Lately I\’ve been linking everybody I like even a little bit, even new peeps when I\’ve only liked them for a minute. But eventually the length of the list will annoy me and I\’ll get out the broom again. Periodically I\’ll toss someone off for being unbearably dull, never updating, or whatever. And of course there are my WARS! Don\’t forget my wars. 🙂


Yeah, I go in phases, too. I keep reading your blog because I keep waiting for the next opportunity to kiss your ass (though I said I wouldn\’t even if I knew your ass was cute) while vehemently disagreeing with you (has that actually happened?).


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