Rose scent, darkness and blah

It’s one of those days. It’s one of those blogging frequencies.

I sit a little too aware of the absolute blackness outside. I can hardly wait for the days to get longer. A combination of short days and little daylight because of heavy clouds coupled with darker than usual nights because of no snow and no stars is getting to be tiring. We’ve had over 70 days straight of days with precipitation, meaning that we haven’t had a single 24-hour period where something wet didn’t come out of the heavens.

I think it’s getting to me. So what do I do? Stay in. Again. I’m not motivated to go out when it means donning my raincoat and rainboots. Again.

So I have stayed in with lights and candles and an aroma lamp with tea rose scent keeping me company but not quite able to hold off the sense that I should be hibernating under these conditions. So I’ll do the next best thing: Curl up in the sofa with a book and a big cup of tea. I’ll probably fall asleep doing that.

By Keera Ann Fox

I am a bi-lingual American who has lived most of my life in Norway.
Jeg er en tospråklig amerikaner som har bodd mesteparten av mitt liv i Norge.

5 replies on “Rose scent, darkness and blah”

Sounds like Michigan from November until March. At least in Denver, while we may be buried under snow, we got lots and lots of sunshine. 300 days a year, they say, and I believe it.


Even for a city famous for its rain, as Bergen is, this is ridiculous. We sometimes joke about how summer was on a Thursday during rainy vacations, but now we\’re joking about the current forecast saying winter will be on Wednesday. We\’re all hoping for it. Never thought I\’d miss that nuisance hovering-at-freezing-so-you\’ll-slip weather. Stoopid El Ninyo.


Now, instead of being unseasonably freezing like last week, we\’re in the midst of attack from hot, dry Santa Ana winds blowing ick from inland over us to the sea. Everyone\’s eyes are red as if they were smoking pot at lunch. There\’s no escape, ack!


I\’m sorry to hear that you\’re feeling so glum. I don\’t know how I will handle day after day of precip – upstate is like that, too, though not as dark as Bergen, being farther south.Not to rub it in, but today was gorgeous and sunny, with a cool breeze. Too bad that summers here are so rough…


Paula, I heard you guys were having crazy weather. Nothing\’s sane this season. It\’s summer in New Zealand and they have the same temps we do in Norway!Sravana, what really irritates me is that with all this cloud cover, I\’m missing out on seeing comet McNaught which is currently visible in Norway. May get a chance today. The forecast says a break in the clouds by sunset.


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